Monday, October 31, 2016

happy Halloween Never Never Land market ( Trunk or Treat)

She is ready for the party with the kids ofcourse and the table with creepy candy carriers. Nic is dressed very elegant in her Cheongsam evening dress from meli imako, the october groupgift ( in info and notices of the group). But when you have a close look at her face..... all those spiders ...iekkkk.. that will tickle. At the very thought shivers run down my spine.  On her head a spider hat and a spider shoulder pet from Violetility, a boo balloon from little Llama, three balloons in her other hand from *cute bytes*,  kitty ears from Buttercup. All i got and much more at the Never Never Land trunk or treat market. Many items for kids but often also useful for grown -ups. For example the tea cups and the cakes, a lovely shack, cute for in my harbour (just 9 prims /see below )
Pictures are made at the Manson Crowley Hall, Foggy Hill Island. Good place for creepy adventures and halloween photoshoots.
I took pictures from the shack and a ragamuffin at my home location (see below

Dress: meli Imako- Free October Gift MI961145 Cheongsam Mermaid Tail Evening Dress( free)
Hair: Blues. - Blues. Dakota ( free/LB)

Never Never land Market  taxi: here
Never Never Land items:
Spider face: -Geek's--Geek's- Spider Face Gift
White balloon :Little Llama - Little Llama - Boo-loon (free)
Kitty ears: {Buttercup} - {Buttercup} Kitty Ears - Gift (free)
Three balloons: **Cute Bytes** My Ballooney  rezz 2 sorts and 1 wear- BOO (free)
Shack (below):.{Baby Burp}.  - {BB} Treat 2016 - Halloween shack  9prims (free)
Table: [Kres] - [Kres] Creepy Candy Carriers - Gift (free)
Eyebal pillow : Schadenfreude - Schadenfreude Electric Eyeball Pillow
Ragamuffin doll(below) : Wildflowers - {WF} Trunk Or Treat Gift! Ragamuffin ( display, hang hug)(free)
From invnetory: Shoes - H@s
Picture made at: Manson Crowley Hall

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