Saturday, July 23, 2016

sunny urban girl (Epiphany, Has#Urban Fashion Event and Hair Fair)

Urban life can be good life. Nic is often surrounded by nature, but today i could build my own street with gacha buildings from unKindness. The Gacha is at Epiphany. For builders from streetlife scenes this is a must have. Behind Nic you can see shabby victorian houses. There are 4 colors of these in the gacha. You can also win a concrete jungle old Factory ( an exclusive), street houses in several colors, public housing and more.
Nic was already dressed like  a sunny urban girl when i was building. She is wearing cute shorts from Bueno ( in the mainshop) together with an oldie from Pixicat, the grey knotted shirt ( see on marketplace). The watch, the necklace, the drink, and the armband are gifts at Epiphany because of the birthday of the event. The sunglasses are from Has#Urban Fashion Event, started today.....and gifts there.
And this time from the Hair Fair a hair that i bought. This hair is from LeLutka. It is such a special one with the cool cap. The cap you can wear in four colors.

Hair: LeLutka at Hair Fair ( sim Platinum) - .LeLutka.HF04 hair.Blonde (NEW)
Shorts: Bueno - Bueno- Summer Shorts -Pink Floral
From Epiphany (taxi here):
Buildings: unKindness - uk - Concrete Jungle Gacha - Epiphany (new)
Necklace : Yasum**ADD ME*Epiphany Gift*Om Necklace (free)
Armband: MINIMAL - Epiphany Gift (free)
Drink:* Glucose Girl* Epiphany Birthday Gift (free)
Watch: *BAMSE* Epiphany Birthday Box Calculator watch (free)
Glasses: seekstore at Has# Urban  - Style glasses (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Shake (NEW in mainshop now ); grey shirt - Pixicat  ( at marketplace); poses - Le Poppycock
Bye bye Nic

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