Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jiro came and the sky turned purple

I was nearly ready with the pictures of the post with the red shirt and then came Jiro. " Tp me please",  he said. He dropped on the ground and then the sky turned to purple. ;) Some time ago i made pictures of Jiro and all was red and yellow. He weared a sort of fighters outfit.  Now he wears casual clothes. The jacket i like very much. It is from Dozze.

Jacket: Dozze - Dozze - Leather jacket with hud
Jeans: Balkanik -  Evuzajeans_Dark green
Necklace: - Sey - Sey  Star&Skull  necklace and bangles
Shoes:  Balkanik - I couldn't find this type..i will ask him and add it later
From inventory: Hair - Dura
Pictures made at: Heaven Scent

Bye bye, Nic

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