Monday, June 30, 2014

aztec and beige and the Summer of Love Fair

Soraya and Nic in Aztec pattern and beige. Aztec bag from Nic and beige bag from Soraya. The jumpsuit from Soraya has a pattern that reminds me also of Aztec patterns. I showed this jumpsuit already in beige some time ago, but Soraya discovered this one at marketplace. It are the old items from Cashmere and Keane (all 50ld). The beige/ golden dress is from the Summer of Love fair. A very nice fair to walk around and watch all. And with nice presents: Nic's dress (as i said)  and Nic's lipgloss (you get 5 colors) , Nic's hair  and the beige bag from Soraya. The pumps from Soraya are from N-Core ( new groupgift and not slink feet needed. So Soraya was glad). The high sandals from Nic are a gift from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room at the moment.
Aren't we spoiled?!

Link to The Summer of Love Fair
Beige/golden dress: Kaithleen's at SoLF - Turtleneck Knit Dress - Gold (1ld)
Beige bag: !!smesh at SoLF~ !!smesh ~ Summer of Love Gift (free)
Lipgloss: [loveMe] Skins at SoLF  -[loveMe] Skins - Luscious Lipsticks (5 colors- free)
Hair: Damselfly at SoLF - ~*Damselfly*~Free Gift (Lizzie Mixed) (fatpack free)
Jumpsuit: Cashmere Keane - **Cashmere*Zumbada Jumpsuit pattern 4 (50ld)
High sandals Nic - Essenz at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - Essenz - Cannes (Brown) (free)
Beige shoes Soraya: N-Core - N-core GROUP GIFT "IBIZA Summer Edition" ( free, but group join 50ld)
From inventory: Aztec bag-LC; hair Soraya - Analog Dog
Pictures taken at ; Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

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