Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween's Day

Isn't this tiny avatar sweet? Today it is Halloween's day. For those who have a party this evening and still not know what to wear (men; may be ????)..and want be special... well go and get this cute one.
Find the hidden pumpkin in the Small Fry shop. Hint: behind the purple board in the right backcorner. Be aware it can be slowly rezzing there. I thought it was already gone, but happily it was still there..
In between i show you a murder Tomte. A swedish house elf that protect your house.

Pumpkin tiny avatar: Small Fry - THH #06 - Small Fry ( 1 ld)
Tomte: DragansVarg - MurderTomte FREE TRANS 9 prims ( free)

Have a Happy Halloween's Day, Nic

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