Friday, October 28, 2011

tribute to Steve Jobs

Modern times and old times. My iphone and disappearing Shanghai.
The photo's of disappearing Shanghai made by Howard French you can see in my small gallery in Lovina now. Also 2 photo's with Hongkong roofs from Stefan Canham and Rufina Wu. All welcome.

Steve Jobs the big pioneer of computer industry died this month, like we all already know.
There is a memorial place in second life "Church of the Mac". Go inside and you will see famous paintings with computers added. Funny.

The sweater with warm muffler is from lucky board at Sheep Door. Also a male version is included. The boots are from lucky chair at Urban Warehouse. The boots have custom baked leather nubuk and suede textures, 4 texture styles and optional prim socks. A must have :)! Three lucky chairs there so you need not wait very long to be the lucky owner of these boots.
The hair is groupgift from Boon. The bag is so cute with the tiny bird on it ( groupgift - join 70ld)

Sweater: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Sweat Shirts & muffler LB ( free)
Worker boots: Urban Warehouse - ::::UW::: Worker Boots - lucky ( free)
I phone with animation: GA - *GA* Phone Addict Girl AO Panel
Hair: booN -*booN LLR726 hair gift for updates group! ( free)
Bag: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: LONELY BIRD BAG

Think different, Nic

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