Saturday, January 1, 2011


So I made this weird yelping sound like an excited puppy when the news got to me that Tuli has a preview of her new line available at the Dressing Room. This is the face, Claire. Tuli, I love you. Every single skin you make feels like it was made especially for me. Just saying.
The Exile hair is awesome as well. I adore the loosely braid look.

Further on, the new Modd.G release is made of awesome as well. The Bennet Jacket is a perfect piece for a wintery day. I'm also very happy with the group gift from [E], which aren't showed off properly enough in this picture, but well worth mentioning anyway. For a small joining fee of 250l you get these Live Boots, three colors of pure geniusmade pumps and a pair of flats. But apart from that, its Elikapeka Tiramisu's new group, so you'll be assured of great gifts to come.

My 2011 started of great, hope yours did too!

Kus Nere

Credits (I'm tired, I'll ad lm's whenever I feel like it later on :) :
Skin: Tuli - Clair fair TDR Newyear 2011 edition available @ TDR
Hair: Exile - Hannah cinnamon
Jacket: Modd.G - Bennet Jacket LBrown
Gloves: League - Sheepskin Mittens Light Brown
Sweater: - Vneck Sweater brown
Undershirt / sleeves: Sassy Kitty - Fallen Leaves Outfit Pull
Jeans: Zaara - Ishaya velour slacks expresso
Boots: [e] - Live Boots Antique

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