Friday, June 19, 2020


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I bet José had his laptop and phone in his back pack. He is such a workaholic! A walk with Nic he likes, but you will never know what all colleagues will say. Am i right José? Thanks for your help again.
A blog post with José today. Nic and José are showing you many gifts from the second anniversary of the Access event. José was flabbergasted. Never visited an event with so many male gifts. Big compliments to the organizers of Access and the generous designers.

In the credits you can find all back. Worth an extra mention is the super gift from Kazza. The wooden path with the trees, lanterns, grasses and plants. It's a rezzer. I used the path two times and could make a nice trail around the water. The package contains also a rezzer for all sorts of wooden path pieces. For the water i used a goldfish pond  from TLC animals.
The backpack  comes in plain and textured versions. The sticker on the plain version you can choose with a hud. The boots are unsisex. They come with a super color/texture hud. For a closer look at Nic's ring and the watch. See below.
I love the jeans from Vagrant. With the color hud you can change the color of the tapes and belt. The jeans also has gems and sparkles. And that all for 60ld /happy weekend sale in the main shop. Gorgeous!
With this blog post and the blog post before this one, i am happy i could show you again many gifts. That was/ and still will be the core of this blog. Many gifts will follow in other blog posts because the 19th of June started the Shop&Hop Event, because of SL17B. The birthday of SL. Yes already 17 years. At Shop&Hop you can grab always many gifts and the shops have sales items. A list of all the shops and slurls here 

Taxi to Access is:  here 
Nic is wearing:
Jeans: -[ vagrant ]- -[ vagrant ]- Lillian Jeans - Black (60ld /happy weekend sale)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - TREINTJE lights/skin tone Pineapple  (NEW)
Hair: no.match at TLC - no.match_ ~ NO REALITY for TLC (NEW)
Top: [RED GIRL] at Access - [RED GIRL] Akari Sleeve Tee Say Cheese - (free)
Watch: GUTCHI at Access - GUTCHI - Simple Wrist Watch Premium (free)
Boots: [G] at Access - [G] Aqua Boots Fatpack (free)
Ying Yang ring: FLI. at Access - FLI. - Yin Pinky RIng (free)
Sunglasses - Ohemo - Ohemo Jude sunglasses with hud/ also for males (free)
Back Pack: ExalteD at Access - ExalteD - Robert Bag {with Resize} *GIFT*
From inventory: Head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; pose - Le Poppycock (femme fatale)

José is wearing:
Shirt with inner add on: [LOB] at Access -[LOB] TROPICAL SHIRT - TREBOL(free)
Jogger: VUK. at Access - VUK. Arie Jogger V1 (free)
Hair: VoltHair-at Access - VoltHair- Fitz Hair-Fatpack- (free)
Watch: GUTCHI at Access - GUTCHI - Simple Wrist Watch Premium (free)
Back Pack: ExalteD at Access - ExalteD - Robert Bag {with Resize} *GIFT*
Ring: kartel at Access - kartel - Golden Bento Ring - ACCESS GIFT
Boots: [G] at Access - [G] Aqua Boots Fatpack (free)
Beard: {FE STYLE} at Access - {FE STYLE} FACIAL HAIR [GG/1] CATWA/OMEGA (free)
From inventory: Male pose - Lush Poses Back Pack

Path with tree, grasses and flowers: KAZZA at Access - KAZZA - PathPack - (free)
Garden bench - Nutmeg. - Nutmeg.  Garden bench and Coffee tray
From inventory: Fawn _JIAN; Foxes _ TLC Animals; Falcon -NanikA (part of old gift); pond - TLC

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