Monday, March 30, 2020

got a light?

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"Got a Light?", she is asking. Well i have more then a light for you today. Many free gifts.

Because of the Corona Virus Crisis and the need for us to stay at home, many designers have put out a gift ( every day there will be new ones added) to make the stay at home a bit pleasant for us. This initiative is called the "Stay at Home Club or Community". They have a home base in sl and a website. You can check what gifts there are. A nice video about it you can find here In this blog post you see from "Stay at Home " several gifts: José's outfit, José's Facial hair; Nic's armlet and bracelet, the Pizza board behind the bar. To get Jose's outfit you need a little help: search the Hideo trench coat and pants in the back of the shop. Then press the fatpack button and press the 1ld.

Also many gifts i found spread over the shop at Apple Fall. I did this with my area search. Setting the price between 0 and 9ld. A list of free items you will see, if you press the search button after that.
The vase with face is from the Happy weekend Sale at MADRAS. It is a special made for the sale. You get the vase in white and terracotta. I filled the bar with some more bottles from Salacity and wine from 220ML and 22769.

From the Look event is the "got a light?" pose. Very cute one in my opinion. I love also Nic's new hair from DOUX. The dress is available at SENSE. See the hud below.
For all other info see the credits.

Dress:[H] (Hexed)  at SENSE - [H] Legends Fitted TShirt Dress Fatpack (NEW)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Tainy hairstyle [BASIC PACK](NEW)
Bracelets:[DB] - [DB] Skrida Bracelet Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
Armlet: [DB] - [DB] Skrida Armlet Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MARTINA (GG/free/ group join fee)
Pose: [DP] at LOOK - [DP] - DCP0018 - Got a Light? (NEW)
From inventory: Head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; boots - #Empire(Kiri); necklace - EarthStones;

José is wearing:
Trench coat: //Ascend// - //Ascend// Hideo Trench Coat - Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
Trousers: //Ascend// - //Ascend// Hideo Formal Trouser - FATPACK - Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
Hair: Modulus - Modulus - Richard Hair (Black)
Facial Hairs: ALANTORI - ALANTORI - Facial Hair Appliers - Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
From inventory: Shoes - Kauna (free) ; body - Signature; head - Catwa; skin - Stray Dog

Vase with face: MADRAS - Madras Ariel Flower vase [Red Shade] Happy Weekend sale (60ld/NEW)
Enamel teapot, plaster candles, macarons in box, straw broom, confetti balloon - Apple Fall - Apple fall gifts ( free all)
Pizza sign: *SS* - *SS* Love is Pizza Shadowbox - Stay at Home Gift (1ld)
From inventory: bar - !!Follow Us!!; neon wall signs - MADRAS; Nuts Machine and holder - MADRAS; bulldog pup - [Rezz - Room]; lamps - [Cinoe]
Bye bye, Nic

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