Friday, September 13, 2019

mandala bedroom


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Again a bedroom? Yes ... I made a sunny bedroom today with the SUPER Mandala bedroom set of CHEZ MOI ( Bed LI 10). Nic is enjoying her coffee moment, using the animations of the round Mandala pouf. I recolored the pouf. She is also doing her hair near the mirror ( with one of the adorable animations of that mirror/even couple animations such as zipping her dress or fixing his tie are in it!) and moisturizing herself on the bed, using one of the single female animations. Super are the *Lovesleep* animations: several animations, while you are laying under the bed cover. So fun and cute!!! Massage animations and much more adult animations are also in the bed. Go try at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room. End Date September 21st.
I love the woolen rugs from this set. The texture is gorgeous. Come with a color hud. The candles are also in the set.
From TLC are the animals, the cute love birds and the sleeping dog on the cushion. Available at the Flourish Sales Studio. There is a cute petting animation in the dog bed.
From DJ/SF you can see the long white entry bench (here used as a table) and the entry hooks ( with the bag and the shawl) Comes in white, rustic and beachy at Flourish.
The cacti are from CHEZ MOI at Tlalli - the Fair around the world.
In the decor you can see items from the gacha of Madras at The Arcade. You can see the stools, the red lamp and the pickle jar decor. The Nandhi cow statue i showed before at this blog here . Now however with the frame and the round rugs.
At Unik you can win the picture holder "home"in the gacha of Serenity Style.
Outside you can see grass with yellow flowers , the august group gift from CJ Creations

Nic is wearing a top from amias at Anthem. A good match in my opinion with the lace up shorts from ISON. Nic is wearing the skin Kamilla from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Unik. Nic's hair is one of my favorites from Truth, the hair Livia.

Top: amias at Anthem - amias - ARWA top with hud (NEW)
Shorts: ISON - ISON - kyla lace up shorts (black)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Unik  - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - KAMILLA lights (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Livia); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; rings - Meva

Bedroom set: CHEZ MOI at CSR -  Mandala Bedroom Set (NEW)
Sita Gacha decor items ( see text) : MADRAS at The Arcade - 02 Madras stool ; 07 lamp; 13 pickle jars ( Gacha/ NEW)
Cacti: CHEZ MOI at Tlalli - Cactus Fiesta Set (BLOGGER) * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
Picture holders: Serenity Style at Unik - Serenity Style- Nicolle Picture Holder (Gacha/NEW)
Entry set (see text) DJ.SF at Flourish - DJ.SF Blogger box for Flourish - Entry Sets (NEW)
Dog : TLC  at Flourish - TLC Lazy Dog Days - 'My Bed'* (sale)
Love birds: TLC at Flourish - TLC Love Birds* ( sale)
Nandhi cow  and rug: MADRAS - MADRAS Nandhi Cow Statue and rugs
Skybox: Lagom - Lagom Converted Barn Skybox ( free/LB)
Sparkles above the bed: Lagom -  LAGOM- SparkleDust (free/LB)
Grass with yellow flowers: CJ Creations  - CJ Creations ShopGift August 2019 (free)
From inventory: curtains - {anc}; Indian food - Mesh India ( gacha/ now MADRAS)
Bye bye, Nic

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