Monday, September 16, 2019

every leaf speaks bliss to me

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Every leaf speaks bliss to me, reminding to me why autumn is wonderful.
Making this post with the red color of the redleaf shrub from the little branch was a  joy to do. When you like the trees and shrubs from that shop, then the Flourish Sales Studio is the place to go, because the price is affordable. And now you can get this red shrub. Comes with Oak grass fall in the same box. I also used the blackberry brambles from 3D trees again. Hanging high over the roof and against the walls of the Abandoned Shelter from Serenity Style, available at the Man Cave event.

The couch i placed in an outdoor corner of the building. For Nic a place to sit in the rays of the sun,  filtered through the leaves.The couch is from TLC. Comes with the dog ( and a patting animation). I recolored two brown pillows in a darker brown and red pillow. The white pillow with text is also from the couch. Under the couch is the dog bed with dog ( with patting animation). The TLC items are available at Flourish. Nic is eating cupcake from the cupcake pose (with prop) from Lush Poses at Twe12ve. It's the birthday round, so this is the 12ld gift.
In the decor you see from Salacity summer lights, you see the string light sticks and lantern posts. In  the set you also get paper lanterns. The set was a release at The Liaison Collaborative, now in the main shop. In the building i placed all sorts of cacti. For example the set from CHEZ MOI at the Tlalli event.

A little feast with cake, because i am accepted as blogger for Mosquito's Way's. Nic is wearing her first set of shoes, that i got from this new sponsor. Lovely lace heels. Comes with a good color hud. You can give parts of the shoes all sorts of colors.
The skin is the same as yesterday. The hair is the Saturday Sale hair from Astrology. For 75ld you get a large essentials pack.  Two other hairs are in the Saturday Sale there. All still available.
The dress i got in the "We love to Blog"group for blogger. A nice new release from [EvelineIntheBox]. Comes with a color hud.

Dress: [EvelineIntheBox] - [EvelineIntheBox] Bloggerbox Jada (w/hud) for many mesh bodies (NEW)
Hair: Astrology - Astrology: Gabriella Revival ~ Essentials (Saturday Sale/ 75ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at UniK -  7 Deadly s[K]ins - KAMILLA lights UniK (NEW)
Shoes: Mosquito's Way - Mosquito's Way - Patricia
Pose: Lush Poses at Twe12ve - Lush Poses - Cupcake - Female Bento Pose (BD gift/ 12ld)
From inventory: body - Maitreya, head - LeLutka

Building: Serenity Style at Man Cave - Serenity Style-Abandoned Shelter (NEW)
Dog Couch: TLC at Flourish - TLC Lazy Dog Days - 'My Couch'*(sale)
Dog bed: TLC at Flourish - TLC Lazy Dog Days - 'My Bed'* (Sale)
Lights: Salacity - Salacity - Summer Lights ( relatively NEW)
Sparkle dust: LAGOM - LAGOM Sparle Dust ( LB/free)
Shrub and grass : little branch at Flourish - LB_RedLeafShrub{Animated}*mesh_Pack (sale)
Cacti ( see also this post): CHEZ MOI at Tlalli - Cactus Fiesta Set * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
From inventory: donut Basket - StoraxTree (old groupgift); blackberry bramble - 3D Trees; dwarfforest -Alirium; wood logs - Moon Sha; porch fires -[TIA] ( gift); cacti - Soy
Bye bye, Nic

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