Wednesday, July 3, 2019

this fresh open spot in the wood reminds me of you

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O yes this spot in the wood on the warm grass reminds me of you. I loved the story you told about it. Will always be in my mind.

I made this open spot in the wood with several beautiful new items of TLC and [Rezz Room]. Adorable cute foxes ( i show just a few) the wood log cabine and the branch are in a gacha of [Rezz Room] at the MadPea pets friends fair. See the vendor below. That  fair is dedicated to our furry loved ones. More info on the website here. Many beautiful pets you already can see. The event is running till July 20th. The pheasants are of TLC at the Japonica event. The pond with small waterfall and goldfishes of TLC is available at the sale event Flourish. Just 79 ld. I used it on my own land and made the land impact lesser with unlink and not using all the items. It's really a beauty! On the stand you also can buy herons and adorable kingfishers for a very affordable price. Behind the pond you see a big waterfall of unKindness.

Nic is wearing a lovely dress from amias. Simplicity and elegance are the words to describe the beauty of the dress. Available at Tres Chic till 10th of July in 12 separate colors. In the Fat pack are 4 more colors.
Nic's skin is of 7 Deadly s[K]ins. It is the hunt skin that you get in the Beached Bunny Hunt 9 in skin tone caramel. Its'a beauty! Find the beach bucket. Info and hints here. Hint: the girl prefers a winter vacation".
Since i am doing a huge inventory cleaning every day, i find all sorts of items back, that i forgot i had. For example this beautiful hair of Truth, called Dune.

If you also have an overloaded inventory like i have, here is the tip that did work for me. Clean every day 1 hour. No matter how many items you do. On some days i deleted thousands of old items but on other days the cleaning goes slower due to more detailed work. But it works for me.
Why do i have so much items? I am already 12 years in sl and gathered always quality freebies to show in my group and after that for posts for this blog. Did many many hunts. And then i became a builder of scenes for this blog and got sponsors ( very happy with them!!) No time to clean because of searching everywhere, unpacking all, blogging and my social contacts here. But now i can manage it all and i am thrilled.

Dress: amias at Tres Chic - amias - RAE dress pack (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - BEACHED BUNNY HUNT GIFT 2019 (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Dune -  light blondes
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Foxes and more: [Rezz Room] at MadPea Pet Friends Fair - [Rezz Room] Red Fox (gacha/ NEW)
Pond with goldfishes: TLC at Flourish - TLC Gold fish pond with Waterfall (NEW)
Pheasants: TLC at Japonica - part of TLC 'Free as a Bird'* (NEW)
From inventory: big waterfall with rock - unKindness; frogs - Le Poppycock
Bye bye, Nic

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