Sunday, January 14, 2018

where is the boss?

In this a sort of Art Deco styled office secretary Nic is waiting for the boss. She is dressed in her narrow skirt with a jacket from I.M.Collection. But under it is a corset from AsHmOoT. May be she wants to seduce the boss, when he arrives, and sit with him in one of those "Not your Grandfather's Wingback chairs" from Salacity. The chairs includes floor-oriented PG and adult animations, as well as a series of lap dances. Two versions are included in the package, one with pillows and blanket decor (which can be hidden and shown), and one without.
The Art Deco styled items are the desk, the blue desk chair the pictures on the wall with peacocks, the blue lamps, boxes on the desk and the rug. The whole set is a New Years and new store gift from Kaerri.. From Salacity you see the white lamps and and the coffee table. At the coffee table a drink coaster. Click the coaster and you can choose what you want to drink. Cigars and port on a tray (was a gift long ago) she prepared for the boss already.

Skirt: I.M Collection for 68 main Event - I.M.Collection London Fog 2 Black Jacket (NEW)
Jacket: I.M Collection for 68 main Event - I.M.Collection London Fog 2 BW Skirt (NEW)
Corset: AsHmOoT  at DC #170 -AsHmOoT_Ling CoLL_PinUp Corset applier (NEW)
Lace Collar: AsHmOoT  at DC #170 - AsHmOoT_Acc  CoLL_Lace Collar (NEW)
Pantie: AsHmOoT  at DC #170 - AsHmOoT_Ling CoLL_Lace Panties appliers (NEW)
From inventory: shoes - H@s; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; Skin - LAQ; hair - Truth ( Makena/ gift); earrings - !IT! ( see post before this one)

Home: hive// - hive// Annama's abode
Peacock decor items: Kaerri - Kaerri Pavone Desk Set (1ld)
Wingback chair: Salacity at XXX Event - Salacity - Not Your Grandfather's Wingback Chair (NEW)
Coffee table and drink coaster : Salacity at the Darkness event  - Leather Living Room Tables (NEW)
End Table lamp - Salacity at the Darkness event - Salacity End Table lamp (NEW)
From inventory: Laptop - unKindness; pouffe - unKindness; books, paper holder and pencils - Cleo Design , Pony tail palm -  Soy; potted palm - AXL Pro; curtains - ANE
Pictures made at hive//
Bye bye, Nic
Thanks to Dancer for the tip from Kaerri.

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