Saturday, January 20, 2018

locked in

A little drama. She is locked in, while searching for the doll from her child. She found the doll but in the meanwhile the fence has been closed. No workmen around anymore and it's freezing cold. What the ..... why didn't she take her phone with her? (click middle picture to enlarge)
One thing is okay .. she is wearing a warm long knitted dress, a long skirt and her new boots. But her toes are cold.
The outfit is from the lucky board at S@bbia.It's already some time in the board. Nic didn't go there yet. And may be you also forgot to go. Nic is wearing the boots that i got, because i won the first prize in the December photo contest from the We Love to Blog group. Proud proud proud i am.
And happy with the prize. The boots are from Breathe (that means good quality) and it is a fatpack. I will wear them for sure in another blog post in the future so you can see them better. Nic's hair is a new release from Sassitude. The head jewel is from the Mid Winter Fair ( event is over now). Also the nails and the doll were a present at that event. I hope you did see my tip to go there in an earlier blog post.

From Mesh India are the bricks and the work in progress sign. A release at Ultra. The End Times billboard behind Nic is a photo prop, released at the Man Cave Event.

Dress and skirt: S@bbia -S@BBiA::Slit Sweater Dress & Velour Pleated Skirt (LB/free)
Hair: Sassitude - Sassitude Anna Mesh Hair (NEW)
Heels: [Breathe] - [BREATHE]- Arndisa Heels-FATPACK-M.LARA- RARE
( in the S@bbia shop red country boots are a groupgift)
Necklace: !IT! at The Avenue White Nights 35% off in januari - !IT! Khloe necklace (98ld each)
Doll: Naminoke - *N* Knit Bunny White ( was a gift at Mid Winter Fair)
Head Jewel: [Cubic Cherry] - [Cubic Cherry] { Giza} jewels ( was a gift at the Mid Winter fair)
Nail: On A Lark - *OAL* Nails 007 - XOXOXO (was a gift at the Mid Winter Fair)
From inventory: Head  - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Billboard: unKindness at Man Cave Event - uk - End Times Photo Prop I&II - ManCave
Bricks and work sign: Mesh India at Ultra - MI Brick pack & stop sign ( NEW)
Fence: Hispose -  Hispose - Hisfence
Pictures made at: hive//
Bye bye, Nic

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