Monday, October 23, 2017

oooh... there was a quarrel

As you can see Nic had a quarrel. I will not tell you with whom. She will know. And ...actually .. it was because Nic was tired and had to eat. So too much emotion.. drama ( you could name it that way....grins) But omgoodness watch the scars now on her face. It's clear that Nic is planning revenge.  in her alchemist corner of her home. Watch that bottle in her hand.. full with poison or...oh no...  it's not poison watch the cap of the bottle's a heart. May be she didn't notice ( like she always forgets to notice her IM's).
Anyway... we see her on the next pictures at her real evil place .. her alchemist corner on the cemetry. Totally dressed up in black now. Dangerous.
Below you can see her, when she is busy making poisons. She is wearing her special teddy mask with her spiderweb hat. Take care.. don't quarrel with her !! ;)

Nic is showing you two gowns from Crom. I hope although the circumstances are bad, that you still can see the beauty of the gowns. They are from the black/red halloween sale at Crom. All black and red products are just 15ld. Nic is again showing items from the hunt at the Nightmare event. Read the post before this one about that hunt. The cemetery, the spooky curtain and the caged angel on a colum are items that i got immediately at the MadPea Ghost hunt ( see for info also the post before this one)

Taxi to Nightmare Event: here
Taxi to MadPea Hunt: here
Pictures with the red dress
Red gown: Crom - -CroM- Brittany - Red (15ld/sale)
Hair: {Letituier} at Nightmare Event - {Letituier} Angelica Hair - Fatpack (free)
Scars: Avis at Nightmare Event - Suicide Gurls - Avis Face Tattoo (free/)
Necklaces: .::Supernatural::.  at Nightmare Event - .::Supernatural::. Erin [Silver] (free)
Nails: DP at Nightmare Event - DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - The Nightmare 2017 (free)
Tattoo: [PU] at Nightmmare Event - [PU] Ouija Tattoo (free)
Potion in hand: [atooly.home] at Nightmare Event - Hocus pocus jar. pink ( i recolored it) (free)
From inventory: Cross earrings - Phedora - Phedora/ Cross Earrings (old gift i guess); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin wow Skins; Eyes - IKON

Head candle: [Kres] at Nightmare Event -[Kres] Head Candle (free)
Tea items: *PM* at Nightmare Event - *pm* Night Tea Sets:  Purple & Silver (free)
Matryoshka's OLQINU at Nightmare Event - OLQINU : matryoshka <nightmare+scary>(free)
Scale: TAIKOO at The Seasons Story - TAIKOU - mechanical scale *TSS GIFT* (free)
Curtain: [Merak] for Madpea Ghost Hunt - [Merak] - Spooky Curtain (free)
Alchemist cabinet: ANE - ANE - Modern Alchemist Cabinet
Ivy apothecary: dust bunny - dust bunny wanderlust Ivy Apothecary Cabinet(gacha)

Pictures with the black dress:
Black dress: Crom - -CroM- Marlene - Black (15ld)
Lipstick: [POUT!] - [POUT!] Toxic Spill Black Lipstick- CATWA & LELUTKA (1ld)
Head Piece: ERSCH at Nightmare Event - ERSCH-Samurai-Head-Piece (free)
Eye make-up: Zibska at Nightmare Event - Zibska ~ Susa [no trans] ~ (free)
Necklace - ::Static:: at Nightmare Event - ::Static::  Barbed Wire Necklace (free)
From inventory: hair - Olive. (free)

Cemetery: *CS* at MadPea Hunt - *CS* Haunted Cemetery - Set ( with poses/not shown)  (free)
Dog: Pixicat - -Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)
Caged Angel: Love at MadPea Hunt - Love Cage the Angel ( free/ gift during the hunt immediately)

Picture below:
Teddy mask: Lock&Tuft at Nightmare Event - lock&tuft - teddy funky (free)
Spider hat: ::OOPS:: at Nightmare Event - ::OOPS:: Spiderweb - Hat
Spider on hand:  Stelloane - Nightmare Hunt Gift Stelloane Arachnophobia (free)
Beetle: Beetle: Kosmii at Nightmare Event - Kosmii :: Metal Beetle (copper) (free)
Caged Angel: Love at MadPea Hunt - Love Cage the Angel ( free/ gift during the hunt immediately)
Bye bye, Nic ( never lonely with you baby)
picture for the challenge from Strawberry Singh

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