Monday, September 25, 2017

gypsy ( La Gazza Ladra's third birthday)

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In her gypsy caravan between many new gifts. Gypsy girls love to gather stuff isn't it? The sun is shining in her eyes and in the eyes of the dog. Or is he too shy for the camera?

The gypsy dress is a dollarbie at La Gazza Ladra. La Gazza Ladra has this week the 3rd birthday. In the shop are from every design one piece 100ld or 50ld. Search between the clothes. There are also three dollarbies. This dress is one of them. Search also between the clothes for the two other dollarbies, a dress and a gown. Congrats Bomb ( Bomboloni Freschi the designer). Super you made it with your personal designs, no templates for La Gazza Ladra items. wish you many creative ideas in the future.

What did the gypsy Nic gather for you. A necklace, a new groupgift at Hudsons. Comes also with another necklace and earrings. A bracelet from !IT!  from the Designer Circle round 163. Nic's hair is a groupgift at Lamb ( still available) Lamb released yesterday three very nice new hairs in the mainshop. She will do this more she wrote. The new releases are all adorable.
The dog is from Black Bantam, a gift. You get 2 dogs for each arm one. With a huge menu for petting feeding, cuddling etc. It's a gift at Haiku for the Haiku group. On the wall to the right in the small shop where you land, you can find it. The boxes with the pile of cushions is a groupgift from Zen Creations. The candles in white and silver are groupgifts from revival. The chair is from Polar Bear. at Limit8. The cushions in the chair are from Salacity for the XXX event ( with color menu and feet fetish animations).

Then imporant to know for you is: At Akeruka you can get till 4th of october a bento head. Group join is 150ld. That's peanuts for a bento head. Good for those who don't have already a bento head to practice. And the head is realy cute. An Akeruka skin is free at marketplace. Go for it girls. You won't regret it. Cold water fear for this all ? Throw it away and go try.

Dress: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ Quendolin . (Emerald/Ivory) Boho strap dress (1ld)
Ring: Slipper - Slipper Love rings ( bento) (free/ and more gifts there/ group join 49ld)
Necklace: HUDSON's - HUDSON's New Group Gift Sept 24 2017 (free)
Bracelet: !IT! at DC - !IT! Margaret bracelet - Designer Circle #163 (NEW)
Bulldog: [Black Bantam] at Haiku - [Black Bantam] Scaredy & Sigh English Bulldog Gift Box <3(free)
From inventory: hair - Lamb (free); head- LeLutka, eye make-up - Laq; body - Maitreya; bandana - ::K::; moccasin boots - Maitreya

Caravan: DRD - DRD Vagabond Trailer (gacha)
Sidetable box: DRD - Vagabond Eowyns Storage (gacha)
Bloom lamp - DRD - vagabond Bloomlamp
Rug/table/ red chair: DRD - DRD  Vagabond gacha
Lanterns: .:revival:. - .:revival:. maison lanterns white and silver (free)
Pile of cushions: Zen Creations - Zen creations Totally Sleepless Pillow Set ( all unattached and attachable/ free)
Chair: Polar Bear. at Limit8 - PolarBear . Cozy chair Black ( free)
Cushions in the chair: Salacity for XXX Event - Salacity for XXX Event (NEW)
Pictures made at: De*cid*u*ous
Bye bye, Nic

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