Saturday, May 31, 2014

a preview for the Arcade

Nic is preparing a barbecue for friends. She went to a nice location at Whispering Wind. The barbecue (rare), picknick table(rare), foodplates, lanterns, crocket set (rare), umbrella, curry and ketchup bottles and more you can get at the new Arcade gatcha event. This is all from Pixel Mode with the well-known high quality. I hope for you, you can win the rare items because they are so cute.
Nic wears a set fom Hilly Haalan again. This is the groupgift. Long skirts are very hot at the moment  in rl. The shoes are a gift from Koi Koi. I was diving in my inventory again. Found back some cross necklaces. One from Centro Pallini. I went there and discovered the nice hat. A good one for summer time. Click the hat for color options from the ribbon and the straw.
Nic's hair is a gift from ChiChikie when you go to the facebook page from ChiChikie. Like the page and you get a code. Hit the board in the shop and place the code in the menu. And the hair is yours. The hair has a menu for some color options.

Top and skirt: Hilly Haalan - GROUP GIFT - [hh] Bella Maxi Skirt & Top Outfit (free)
Barbeque items: [PM]Pixel Mode for the Arcade (june 2014)- [PM]Pixel Mode : Le Petit Chef - Arcade June 2014
Shoes: Koikoi - KoiKoi T-Dotty Group Gift (free)
Hat: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* STRAW HAT (free)
Hair: ChiChickie!   ChiChikie! Facebook Friends Gift (free)
Pictures made at : Whispering Wind

Bye bye, Nic

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