Saturday, March 29, 2014


A dress with possibilities. I mean:  you can wear this new released dress from Shey like a very sexy mini dress or you can wear another texture or color or you combine the dress with other clothes for a lesser sexy more casual look. On the first pictures a shirt from Coco is under the dress and lace stockings from GField. Boots from chronokit all from my inventory. I went to monso for the cute jacket on my hips.On the next pictures Nic wears lace boots from Brain Circuit Inc ( Dancer tp -ed me to the lucky board... thanks).The flower necklace is the last groupgift from Pure Poison. On the first pictures  Nic wears another necklace from Pure Poison an old groupgift.

Dress: Shey - SHEY - Oxana Mini Dress (NEW)
Necklace: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Spring Necklace ( free/ but group join fee)
Tide up jacket: Monso - [monso] My Tied Up Jacket - Grey
Lace boots: -=Brain Circuit Inc=-  - =Brain Circuit Inc=- Lace Boots (Lacy Skin)
From inventory: white boots -chronokit; Hair - Exile; bag- Izzie's; sweater - Coco; back sack - Ronsem ( gatcha)

Bye bye, Nic

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