Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Famous Five

This place reminds me of the serie of books from The Famous Five that i liked to read when i was a child. Four children and a dog always had great adventures. One was with a underground train.
Below short info so you can understand why this tunnel did remind me of the books.

"Julian and Dick secretly set off with Jock the next two nights to watch for the spook train, leaving the girls behind. They find that there is indeed a mysterious train coming from and back into the tunnel. George is infuriated when she finds that the boys have left them behind and goes off with Timmy, but accidentally falls inside the tunnel through a ventilation shaft and finds the train there. Meanwhile, the boys explore the tunnel while Anne waits outside, but are captured by some men led by Mr Andrews. Anne runs off to find Mr Luffy. George, who had been hiding inside the train, rescues the boys, and realising that the train is used for smuggling, they try to find a way out of the tunnel. They are recaptured, but Anne arrives with Mr Luffy and the police to free them. The criminals are arrested, and the Famous Five return to the farm, while Jock is delighted at the adventure".

The dress is from Kanou, the Valentines Gift. The double scarf is from the lucky board at ::K::. The double scarf is a new release at the shop in many colors.
Hair is a gift at ChiChikie. You can find it near the subscribe-o-matic. you get a blond version. I recolored it.

Dress: Kanou - Kanou Cally Valentine -/ Main Store ( free)
Hair ChiChickie - ChiChickie! New Release Gift & 95L Sale 2/4/14 ( free)
Scarf: ::K:: -::K:: Double Scarf Grape LB Limited Color ( free)
From inventory: legging - Mimikri; boots - Maitreya
Pictures made at: The Pines at Jacobs Pond (the sim is  a family sim, so please no nudity)

Bye bye, Nic

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