Saturday, February 23, 2013

still cold here

A pied-de poule post because i found the sweet dress ( see the first pictures) at milky-way, a Japanese shop. The outfit comes with a sweater for under the dress and gloves. But i liked it more without those things. In the lucky board in the shop you can get a colored version and a sweet sexy and cute bunny costume. Have a look overthere.
I was making pictures from the pied-de Poule coat. The coat, shoes and bag are from Kiki on marketplace. Suddenly there stood that strange looking man near Nic. I liked his suit. It is  a groupgift from Alb Dream. I also liked the monocle and walking stick. I asked him if i could take pictures from us for this blog. I got his permission. Thanks kyohei Avedon. What i like lesser is his thick moustache. Reminds me too much of a person from our history.
Then i dressed Nic again in her pied-de-poule dress from Athor to bring that one back in your mind ( showed it before on the blog). Nic shows it now more simple and that is the way i like it the best.

And below i show you not a pied-de poule dress but a dress in black and white from the cart sale at The Wash. Nothing there over 10ld. The cart sale runs from february 20th till march 13th 2013.

On the first set of pictures Nic wears:
Dress: milky-way -  **milky-way Mesh Tight one-p (chidori)( 70ld)
Pums: Athor - ATHOR:. DITA_pied-de-poule
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Kalli" (Type B)(Black)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard -::LEO-NT:: INDIE SET -GOLD-
Jacket: Grasp - +grasp+/Loosestyle denim shirts/White/womens

On the second set of pictures:
Coat, bag and pumps: KIKI Designs - KIKI Designs- Pied de Poule OUTFIT (White) MESH ( 175ld)

kyohei wears:
Suit: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB LIAM jacket classic navy suit XL by AnaLee ( free)
Monocle: Sray's -  sray's Dark victorian - monocle basic ( free)
Walking stick: Casimir Constantine - Ebony-Canes-Walking-Sticks
Shoes: Gabriël - male dress shoe from Gabriël
Pipe: SL Take Away - Smoking Pipe SL Take Away Logo Free Gift ( free)
Hair: A&A - A&A Raja Hair Dark Brown ( free)

On the penultimate picture Nic wear:
Dress: Athor - *ATHOR* - MESH DRESS ( NEW)

On the last picture Nic wears:
Dress: ND at the cart sale - ND Mesh Mini Dress "Black Rose"

Bye bye, Nic

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