Friday, September 28, 2012

bright morning

Tjip on a bright morning in new clothings. I like to make posts for men. Hope to get more male followers for this blog. The gifts that tjip shows today were already longer in the shops, but i like them. For me they are new and may be also for others. The navy hoodie with the white pants and the blue shoes are in  the last released groupgift at Ydea. The shoes are mesh, the rest non-mesh.

The light purple  beach set is from B!asta. I discovered a wall in the shop with old groupgifts. First join the group. Then right click what you want have. Then in the blue menu that pops up choose the "gift" option. And then the "groupgift" option. More nice male gifts there.

On all pictures Tjip wears new free hair from A&A. I love it! In the same mall i found a slap and dash board with a good male animation overrider. A slap and dash board is like a midnight mania. All who click get the present when the max is reached. Then the board can be used again at the same day for a new group. And.... you need not wait till midnight to get your present. It goes faster to get something. Click the board and then choose slap in the menu. On the pictures Tjip shows some movements from the AO.
And on the last picture this weeks groupgift from Style Extrem and Upper men.

Beach set: B!asta - [: B!ASTA :] :MONDAY MORNING: Group gift March 2012 - MALE ( free)
Navy set: Ydea - Ydea Navy ( free)
Hair: A&A - A&A Present and Info  22nd Sept ( free)
Animation Overrider: MALE ELEGANT AO ( free)
Argyle Sweater: Style Extrem - [DW] - Argyle Blue Sweater ( free)
From inventory: White deck shoes- Gabriël ( free / groupgift); Sunglasses - SZD ( free)

Bye bye and please join this blog as a follower, if you like it, Nic


Sorraya said...

Haaaaaallooooo Maaaaaus:-)))
i saw all post .soo süß.ich mag die blonden haare mit pony bei nic .sieht so aus und tijo poutit mit hoodie für ingo? i hope to see you on sunday.,
ich muss unbedingt an sl schreiben wegen mesh .so geht das nicht weiter .kann ja nichts mehr machen in sl.irgendwie muss es gehn.damit wir wieder zusammen shoppen können .many lovel greetings and an nice weekend.))<3

Anonymous said...

I'm adding your blog to the reading list of my blog (Trader Fitch), I hope it helps. You've found some great stuff :)

Nicandra Laval said...

Thanks Wander Bear...i hope you also scrolled the blog to see more male posts

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