Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Je suis tres beau n'est pas?

Tres Beau's designer Kimmera Maddison deserves a big compliment because she makes such good quality stuff. I show you my super cosy fur coat with pants and sweater ( also boots are included- not shown here). It gives me such a cosy and warm feeling. This one is not free. But for the free lovers..and because this blog is about good quality free stuff the brown jacket with the leggings are free ones from Tres Beau. It is from the womenstuffhunt. You need find a tiny sweater (hint: on a vendor near my warm fur jacket).
The boston bags are from the gacha machine in Cafe*Amy.
I found back in my inventory the hair Zoe from Maitreya. Boots already posted before.

Fur coat: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "November" Sable
Brown jacket: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "Stroll" Camel, Womenstuff HUNT
Bags: Café*Amy - Cafe*Amy travel Boston Bag

Kus, Nic

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Sorraya said...

wooow . little diva

it looks so nice ..i think it is a little bit expencif but i dont say enything))))


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