Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here friends together relaxing on free cushions with many poses. Nicandra is relaxing on the right. Already totally tired because of blogging so much today. But this is the last one for today.

Right Nicandra:

Dress: Twisted&Spoiled - :: Twisted&Spoiled :: Kaftan & Bikini Set Nude

Middle Nita:

Top: C'est Moi - bandeau top brown ( see earlier post)

Left tjip:

Hair: D!va - ""D!va "" more then 10000 group member gift

Sweater: Ronsem - RONSEM* 1st anniversery Tee (gift)

Chucks: Machienen werk - see earlier post

Cushions with poses: Sassy Kitty Design - DSM - Sassy Kitty Design #9 ( search the flower on the ground) Very dark there

Greetings from the three of us,Nic

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