Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea Hunt

I'm not much of a hunter, mostly I cherry-pick Karina's finds, but since she will be away for a little while, I had no help whatsoever on this hunt. But thankfully it's held on a very small sim, where you can find all 22 gifts! With a bit of camera action (and a nifty area search tool) I managed just fine. Mosts gifts are 1l, a few are free.

Here's Dido and me showing a few of our favorite finds... When its mentioned hereunder, its a hunt find.

On Dido:
Hair: AY.Line - Darjeeling Marron
Top: Tokidoki - knit top Tea hunt
Leggings: Tee*fy - Floral Oriented Red
Boots: R2 fashion - Tea Hunt goods

On Nere:
Skin: Mother Goose's - Chiaki_Tea hunt 02
Hair: [kik] - Nao*kanzashi (part of very complete kimono outfit)
Top: !Ohmai - Oriental Affair RichUni
Leggings: fore - omake reggings (comes with great tanktop as well)
Boots: KiiToS - Engineer Boots Tea Hunt
Tattoo: {u.f.o.} - orientalism
Bag: Tokidoki - chai tea bag
Umbrella: Nakamuraya - Gee_maigasa
Hairband and leaves: duboo - cherryblossom

Both our poses by Marukin, another hunt item.

And a close up, mainly to show of the Mother Goose's skin which I adore, but doesn't become well on Dido... ach well, she rocks this Pulse skin. We both love the umbrella's!

Gawd please look at these R2 boots. So nicely made. Have no clue what to wear them with, but they're just too irresistible not to grab.

Then the sim! Wow I loved it a lot. A charming tea house in a calm environment. I tried to make a few pictures, but really they don't do the sim justice. If you don't like hunting, you might want to check just for the beauty of the sim.

Kus Nere


Karina Larkham said...

Nice job Nere! I was going to blog it myself lol.

Nere said...

Aw shucks... of all the hunts going on these days, I pick the one you were gonna blog as well :( I'm sorry. Miss your posts a lot.

Dido Haas said...

Lovely post Ner. We look cool in our Tea outfits ;-)
Dikke kus

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