Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inaya new releases

My friend Sparkles is not only much fun to take pictures with, she's also just as big a skinhoarder as me :) I was planning on doing this post, she saw me wearing a skin from Inaya and she immediately run off to get her own. I must say, she rocks the Iveenka face, it fits her perfectly. I'm wearing my personal favorite Jasmyn.

Inaya released a whole bunch of new faces, shown above. What I love a lot about these skins is the variety in ethnicity they show. Whatever you prefer, Inaya very likely has the face you look for. In the compilation below the same shape is worn in every picture, you can see how different every single face is.

TayLlia is a gorgeous blonde with a lovely buttoned nose and lush lips. Aaely is a sensuous self-assured woman with a sexy mole above her upper lip. Iveenka is perky and sensual with very full lips, but a little "worried" eyebrows. Nahele is a young sweet but confident girl. Jasmyne is a fairskinned redhead, she combines the freshness of youth with an elegant maturity (well hey, its my personal fave).

All skins are sold in natural make up only, but with three lip versions (natural, glossy and red). In the center of the store you can choose amongst 61 eye make up tattoo layers.

Altho I'm very enthusiastic about the faces, the bodies on these skins are not my favorite. I'm assuming every face has a body based on the same template, because there are a lot of similarities. Tho some bodies do have their own features, such as nipples. I spotted a seem along the sides on most of them and I find the spine and ribs a bit too obvious and pronounced. The knees are a little bland. Also on the Iveenka skin the nips are just off. Aaely on the other hand has dimples above the butt which are a very nice addition. And on another positive note the skintones are very nice, not too shiny or greyish. This is a very critical view I must admit, most things I mention probably wouldn't be noticed rightaway, or cared for much, they are that minor.

In any way, I would suggest you go grab a demo, because the skins are truly worth a visit to the mainstore.

Kus Nere


Skin: Inaya - TayLlia
Eyes: LeLutka - Reflection Dew
Hair: Kate - Anxious Blond
Top: e! - Desi Sweater Dress Aqua

Skin: Inaya - Aaely red lip
Eyes: Poetic Color - golden forest
Hair: I love Olive - Olivia brown
Top: e! - Desi Sweater Dress Olive

Skin: Inaya - Iveenka Tan
Eyes: Exodi - Zbilja Spirit Sepia
Hair: Magika - Delora (free, also hair in mouth option)
Top: e! - Desi Sweater Dress Silver

Skin: Inaya - Nahele lip glossy
Eyes: Poetic Colors - blue autumn
Hair: 69 - MOG black
Top: e! - Desi Sweater Dress Violet

Skin: Inaya - Jasmyne
Eyes: Tuli - Jade sage
Hair: Truth - Trinity copper
Top: e! - Desi Sweater Dress Bronze

Top picture:
Lingerie: 5th&Oxford - Caer 50l friday

In all pics:
Top: Ohmai - High rise tank nude
Lashes: Exodi - Eyelashes & Insolence - Lula Heavy Eyelashes

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