Saturday, May 30, 2009


Blaze is one of the few shops that has been around since I started sl. I've never known them to have a sale - but they are now! All their gowns, casual wear and men's is marked down as low as 100L and 200L (some from 1000L!) Definately worth checking out. I would have bought out the shop but I already had so much of it in my inventory. Best thing is it's all transfer so great for gifts or if you want to buy something for your fella. Find the sale here Pink is my favorite color in case you didn't notice.

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marigould said...

Thanks for the tip, Karina. Went to Blaze, a gazillion people there! Some really nice stuff, got a lovely pack for my sweet of 4 shirts and a pair of pants for 100 lindens!!! Happy blogging, girl :)

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