Saturday, June 22, 2019

mid summer feast

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It was a unbelievable beautiful day today for Nic. So a toast is fitting. Let there come many of such beautiful times for her, i wish. And it's mid summer! Romantic times! Heard a super story about many many fire flies in rl, as if the sky had fallen down. Like the fairy bushes we know in sl, but then in REAL!
Another toast is for Second Life 16th Birthday. Yes, 16 years already! And i wish that it will stay forever. This game gives so many people pleasure around the world. Well done Linden Lab. Go ahead to make this fantasy game always up to date to give it a long future. I am in this game now from the 20th of February 2007. Twelve years and four month. An oldie and a die-hard in sl. Those who stay long here, mostly have done a lot and experienced a lot. Good things and terrible things can happen because of Second Life. But i still can't get enough of it. I made very good friends here that i don't want to miss. I traveled around the world to meet some. This would never have happened this way without sl.

Nic is wearing some presents from the SLB16 Shopping event. I visited two ( Aurelian and Halcyon)  of the five sims. The rest will follow. Quite laggy all, so it takes time and patience. Everywhere you can grab presents. Nic is wearing a necklace and a dress, both presents at the event. The Birthday Vanilla Cake and the waffles are also presents there.
From the Sense event are the shoes, the lipstick, the Milo bed and the trees, snake weed, low hill and the white flowers. The Milo bed comes with some bamboo and rock cobbles but i was not on a tropical beach so those i don't show. The bed comes in duo and three-some version. Many animations for female, male and adult. Large texture change menu as well. A beauty for beaches.
From !IT! are the pansies in Nic's hair. This one is free for the teleport hub group. The earring is from a 7 packages discount at 60L in  the !IT! store and the MP.
Nic's skin is skin Lotus of 7 Deadly s[K]ins, available at eBENTO now. Nic is wearing skin pineapple.

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO -  7 Deadly s[K]ins - LOTUS lights (NEW)
Dress: [ LsR ] at SLB16 Aurelian - [ LsR ] - Sexy Susie Denim Dress Gift (free)
Shoes: VALUXIA at SENSE  - VALUXIA - Layla Heels  color hud (NEW)
Pansies crown: !IT! - !IT! - Pansies Crown 12 ( free/ teleport hub GG/ group join 10ld)
Earring: !IT! -  - Metatron Earrings  ( discounted see text)
Necklace: EarthStones at Halcyon - EarthStones Gift Ferris Necklace June Moonstone Pearl (free)
Lipstick: ALMA Makeup at SENSE - ALMA Makeup - Nudes - (NEW)
Hair: Magika - Magika - Nina ( in summer sale 50% off)
From inventory: body - Belleza; head - LeLutka

Bed: EVHAH Store at Sense - EVH Milo Bed DUO & 3SOME (NEW)
Tree, hill, white flowers and snakeweed: Little Branch at SENSE -LB_YellowWoodTree{Animated}Seasons_Packed (NEW)
Birthday Cake: Dahlia at SLB16 Aurelian -Dahlia - Hanna - Vanilla Birthday Cake (free)
Waffles: Hangry at SLB16 Aurelian - Hangry - Birthday Waffles - SL16B Gift (free)
From inventory: seals - TLC; picnic  bag - CHEZ MOI; balloons - Apple Fall; plates - {what next}
Pictures made at: Lost - Dreams
Bye bye, Nic

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