Thursday, April 11, 2019

love to be at Easter with you

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Not yet in her festive Easter clothes in her new curvy body, but she is preparing herself for Easter. She would love to be with you at Easter.
What about Nic's new curvy body? I will show you Nic with her new curvy Belleza Freya body soon. Mostly Nic is wearing the Maitreya body, but to be more curvy sometimes i bought for her the Belleza Freya Body and i had a sweet sponsor for that too. It was lots of fun to try all sorts of curvy bodies.

Today however Nic is wearing the Maitreya body because i used some gift cards, that i still had in Nic's inventory from the advent calendar at MEVA. Totally forgot to use them till Laura showed me a necklace she bought with her gift card. May be also for some of you a good reminder! I bought the body piercings with it and also parts of the jacket and the bra with the cards. The cross is not from the body piercing it's  necklace  from [Remezzo].
The hair is again from the sale at Truth. Tip from Laura. Nic's jogging pants is a group gift from Blueberry. The skin is a release from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the anyBODY event.

In the decor from Salacity at the Boardwalk event ( running till april 15th) the daybed. And Salacity's Dorm Desk and the Dorm Chair (separate and as a set), was at the 2019 Home&Garden Expo. Now in the main shop.
In the garden you can see the Garden Folly Hal from Serenity Style (available in 2 sorts), exclusive for the first round of the new event "Flourish". A Folly is an ornamental building with no practical purpose for a garden of park. I placed an angel statue in the Folly and the wicker chairs from the wicker chair set from CHEZ MOI. Many animations in the adult chair. The cushions have a color change hud. The set comes with the wicker table and the succulents. On the table you can see the Easter egg and flower set from Madras, new at Equal 10. See for the other items the credits.

Hair: Truth - TRUTH Daphne - Selection ( bought in the 70% off sale)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at anyBODY - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - STRAWBERRY lights ( skin tone Pineapple) (NEW)
Jacket: Meva - Meva Anni Leather Jacket Black Box (bought with advent gift card/partly)
Bra: Meva - Meva Bra Addon Box (bought with advent gift card/partly)
Piercing: Meva - Meva Cleavage and Collarbone Piercing Box (bought with advent gift card)
Pants: Blueberry - Blueberry - Group Gift - Joggers <3 (free)
Body chain: amias - amias - JACI -
Gloves: amias - amias - AZRA pack -
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; face freckles - amias; body freckles - Izzies; lip stick - [Reviver]; necklace - [Remezzo]

Building: miwa's airship- miwa's airship# Sunlight Kitchen House RARE
Folly Hal : Serenity Style at Flourish - Serenity Style- Garden Folly Hal- (NEW)
Dorm Desk and Chair: Salacity  - Salacity Dorm Desk and Chair
Daybed: Salacity at the Boardwalk - Salacity Elisabeth Daybed
Wicker chair set: CHEZ MOI - Wicker Patio Chat Set  * CHEZ MOI
Easter egg and Flower set: MADRAS at Equal 10 - MADRAS Easter egg and Flower set (NEW)
Easter dog: !! Follow US !! - !! Follow US !! Mr. and Mrs. Easter (10ld)
Angel Statue:  *_*C-Outlet*_* - *_*C-Outlet *_* Angel Statues (3 Versions ) (10ld)
Stone bench with tree and grass: Mistique - Mistique Garden bench stone
From inventory: Cupcakes and cake: MadPea (at marketplace now / was a hunt gift); Birches - The Little branch; hedges - botanical; rug - Apple Fall; books - Apple Fall; cart coffee table - Apple Fall; cats - le Poppycock; copper wall leaves - unKindness; plant - Vespertine; palms- concept}
Bye bye, Nic

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