Sunday, May 20, 2018


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You can see on the pictures that Nic is in a nostalgic mood. Relaxing and listening to music.

She is wearing clothes from the Princess hunt at the YM shop. You need find a group of Disney princesses. It's very easy. At the entrance is a board with all the hunt gifts. Each item is 15ld.
You see on the first picture the items from the set that i wanted. It contains the skirt, top, bra, necklace and earrings ( not visible). Also other hair is included. All comes with color huds for many colors. The skirt you can see better on the other pictures. I used the skirt again and combined it with a top from Arcane Spellcaster. Again ( like in the post before this one) a "move in the wind" item. The sleeve on the back moves. This top comes also with a color hud. It is a gift at the eBento Event.
Under the top Nic is wearing her Maitreya bra. The boots are from ::ROC:: at marketplace for a very affordable price. Comes with a color hud. Because of the laces it combines nice with the skirt.

Tres Chic has the third anniversary. With many lovely gifts. The necklace with pearl ( comes also with earrings), the hairpin ( see below)  and the bracelets are from that event. I sure will show you more.
New are also the lucky heart plants, a new group gift at hive//.

Total outfit first picture: YM SHOP - YM SHOP_Zelda Outfit Princess Hunt_40 (hunt/15ld)
Top other pictures: Arcane Spellcaster at eBento - Top Lucrezia MOVE W/CH *Arcane Spellcaster*(free)
Boots: ::ROC:: - ::ROC:: Lace Up High Boots  with color hud ( 99ld)
Hair: Navy+Copper at FaMESHed - Navy+Copper - Black Tea FatPack (free)
Hair pin (see below): ::ChicChica:: at Tres Chic - :::ChicChica:::: 3rd Anniversary Gift (free)
Necklace: amias at Tres Chic - amias - DEVI set - !WEAR ME! (free)
Bracelets: Justice at Tres Chic - [JUSTICE] LIA BRACELET (free)
From inventory: headpohone - GCD; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; make-up - LAQ

Plant: hive // - hive // lucky heart plant . group gift (free)
Chaise Longue: Soy. - Soy. skirt covered Chaise Longue
DJ Booth: Hideki - Hideki DJ Booth
From inventory: Lp's ( David Bowie)  and wall pictures ( Bob Dylan) - made by myself; beach radio - Standby Inc.; home - dust bunny; hanging lamp- unKindness; standing lamp - Pixel Mode
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow 
Bye bye, Nic

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