Monday, December 18, 2017

i'd melt for you

It was cold outside.. a quick relax moment near the fireplace. Warm high socks and slippers, a warm large sweater... and .. a marshmellow cocoa drink.. Soon she will be warm inside and outside again. Not necessary to wear her cap anymore.
Many items are from the 12 days of Reignmas. Presents from REIGN that's clear. You get them, when you are a group member, in the info and notices of the group. The socks with slippers, the marshmellow cocoa's and the phone are all from REIGN. The hair is the gift from Argrace. There is also a male gift. The sweater is part of the gift from COCO for Christmas. The bento gloves are a gift at [i.mesh] An unisex gift.
The chair is a gift from Bee Designs in the Christmas tree at Cosmopolitans Salesroom. I went to [Bad Unicorn] to get the wooden Christmas tree (see below on the small picture/ click to enlarge).
The leather couch in grey is an old groupgift from [zerkalo]. I went there to get the 12 days before Christmas present. You find each day a present in front of the new releases part of the shop.

Sweater: *COCO* - part of *COCO*_ChristmasGift (free)
Hair:*ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* TOUKA - GroupGift (free)
Gloves: [i.mesh] - [i.mesh] - unisex BENTO Gloves - Group Gift (free)
Socks and slippers: REIGN - REIGN.- 12 Days of Reignmas (DAY 2) (free/ but group join fee)
Marshmellow and cocoa: REIGN - REIGN.- 12 Days of Reignmas (DAY 3) (free/ but group join fee)
Phone: REIGN - REIGN.- 12 Days of Reignmas (DAY 4) (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Shorts - Addams; head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya

Chair: Bee Designs at CSR - Bee Designs  Cosmo Advent Armchair ( land impact 5) (free)
Wooden tree: [Bad Unicorn] - [Bad Unicorn] Minimalistic Christmas Tree (free)
Couch: [zerkalo] - [ zerkalo ] Leather Couch in several colors- Group Gift (free)
From inventory: tray with red flowers - [keke]; rotan  table - Pixel Mode; Lamp behind the tree - Pixel Mode; flowers on mantlepiece - LODE; Lanterns - CHEZ MOI; dog - [anc}
Pictures made at: Mount Pinatubo
Bye bye Nic
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