Sunday, August 20, 2017

i know that my emotions.. are something i just can't tame

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I feel the earth move under my feet... i feel the sky tumbling down...i feel my heart starts to trembling... whenever you're around
I feel that my emotions.. are something i just can't tame... ( text parts Caro King)

In her gazebo she can paint and get her emotions under control.

First of all: 7 deadly skins is having a FREE JOIN WEEKEND, if you are not in the group yet. Till the end of the month you can get a free gift every day - male and female skins. Nic is wearing a gift skin  for the SL Fress& frees group.

Nic is wearing a dress from Crom. A new shop for me. This one in blue is this weeks promo from 25ld. The other colors are 99ld. Nic is wearing hair from LMagnums, a necklace from OXIDE, a talking parot from *IO* and pumps from Belle Epoque. All gifts at Redeux. The bag is a gift at The OAK ( with a color change menu).
The gazebo i got in the Luxe Box from August. Comes with the lights and the curtains. In the gazebo i placed items from the Redeux event. Free items and some items that you can buy. From Serenity style for example you can buy the artist corner items for a very reasonable prize (50ld) and the Alex paint work panel ( 25ld) . See for the free Redeux decor items the credits.
From Mesh India are the Floral Decor items from a gacha at Pocket Gacha. For example: floral bins, floral frames and floral vases.

Taxi to Redeux: here
Nic is wearing
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - for Sl frees&Offers group - Deadly s[K]ins - Madonna DC (free/ free group join this weekend from the 7 Deadly s[K]ins group!)
Dress: CroM - -CroM- - Luncida DRESS (in blue / 25ld)
Hair: LMagnums at Redeux - LMagnums TerraLyn Mesh Updo Hair  - Ombre Dark Blondes (free)
Necklace: OXIDE at Redeux - OXIDE Danii Set (free)
Parot : *IO*at Redeux - *IO* talking parot ( free)
Shoes: Belle Epoque at Redeux - Belle Epoque { Redeux Gift - August }(free)
Bracelet: !IT! at Designer Circle - Farah bracelet !IT! - Designer Circle #161
Bag: The Oak - THE OAK - Reese Bag + Hud (FATPACK)(free)

Gazebo with lights and curtains: tarte. - tarte. ashley gazebo (luxe box/august/ luxebox info here)
Artist items: Serenity Style at Redeux - Serenity Style- The artist corner full set (50ld)
Black board with paintwork items: Serenity Style at Redeux - Serenity Style- Alex Paintwork Panel(25ld)
Barrel with hibiscus: **Mistique** at Redeux -**Mistique** Barreled Hibiscus Yellow (free)
Floral welcome flowers: Simply Shelby - Redeux Gift - Simply Shelby (free)
Tea cup and the box with peaches: .peaches. at Redeux - .peaches Vintage Desk - Tea Cup (free)
Tryptych: Myth at Redeux -  Tryptych Autumn goddess Redeux Gift - Myth (free)
Floral  Decor: Mesh India for Pocket Gacha - Mesh India Floral Decor Gacha (each play 65ld)
From inventory: manequin- Yasum; horse head - MeadowWorks; bird cage- Pewpew!; garden bences -  [Park Place]
Pictures made at : La Beatrice
P.S. The painting on the Easel is not made by Nic but by Monet.
Bye bye, Nic

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