Friday, August 30, 2013

an overdose of presents

The presents of the Season's Pallette Hunt i love very much. That is why i show so much of that hunt. Same can be said for the Enmeshed Into Fall Hunt. The little ruffled skirt is an example of the Enmeshed into Fall hunt. The dress and shoes are from the Season's Pallet Hunt. As well as the blue top and skirt.
It took me a year ( bit exaggerated) to find the Seaons Palette hunt item in Lutricias shop
Then the owner of the shop helped me. Thanks Lutricia. Hint look under the chair that can make you happy.
From Duh Nic wears the  womens gift ( the booties). Ladies can also wear the mens gift ( Slip-Ons)
From the JPH hunt( Join the Picnic Hunt) is the romper.Tomorrow is the last day of that hunt! Search a picnic basket. On the last picture a jumpsuit from the same hunt.

Top and skirt: Sassy -~Sassy!~ Chance Encounter - Season's Palette Hunt 3 ( free)
Ruffled skirt: Lutricias Luxuries - [L] Lillemor ruffled skirt (free)
Dress: Lutricias Luxuries - [L] Solgull dress Bloggers Seasons palette hunt (free)
Boots: Duh - ::Duh!:: Women's Fringed Ankle Boots - SPH (free)
Pants : Ciel Skye - {Ciel Skye} Sophee Cargo Capris - SPH Edition ( free)
Romper: Ciel Skye - JPH #064 - Ciel Skye ( free)
Jumpsuit: AsHmOoT - AsHmOoT_S/S Coll_JPH GIFT/ Female ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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