Tuesday, June 26, 2012

inside the lotus train

Nic in the Lotus train at Second Life 9Birthday Event 2012 ( ends- 27 june at 11.59 pm SLT). Met this mom and her child( so cute).
[21:37] Alice Monaron: be polite and just say "scuse me miss"

[21:37] Alice Monaron: now that u said that, just try and walk past if u can
[21:37] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): thanks
[21:37] Alice Monaron: this is a bit cramped but thats how trains are i hear

[21:39] Alice Monaron: lesly can u see out the window
[21:39] Alice Monaron: on your left
[21:39] Alice Monaron: what can u see?
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): whoa!
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): what is that?
[21:39] Alice Monaron: see the giant lilly pad things?

[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge) nods
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): oh wow!!!!!
[21:40] Alice Monaron: pretty cool hu!, we're really high up!

(*outside you see a giant lotus and in the water all water lillies : note Nic*)

[21:42] Alice Monaron: oh there was this really cool restaurant i remember as a child we would go to some times, the whole place was made up of tons of old train cars. i was really little at the time so dont remember much but i remember it being really cool!
[21:43] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): really?!
[21:43] Alice Monaron: yeah! and i think you ordered your food on a phone! not like a cell phone, this was before cell phones even existed, but on a old chorded phone next ot your table on the wall

Pants: **SHINE** - **SHINE** Mesh Patiala Pants Group Gift ( free)
Top: Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Casual Chic top and leggings - Depraved Summer Love (hunt item, free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Sayaka2" (Type A)(Black amber) ( collabor88)
Squirrel:  d-lab - d-lab-Squirrel-GRAY Shoulder GG-ve ( in info/ notices from d-lab group , free)
also there a shark bread )) free
Suitcase: Bad At Croquet - Bad At Croquet_Vintage Leather Suitcase w/hold animation ( old hunt item / but you can buy it in the shop)
Armband and ring :Ruru@Pino - Ruru@Pino [Morpho (Dark)]item camp 10 minutes ( free)
Sandals in train: Birkenstock sandals - Ordinary ( not in shop anymore/was lucky toilette item some time ago)
But these on picture below -[mdrm]wa sandal you can find on the gravis beach summer festa ( see post before) for free.

Have fun, Nic

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