Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dire Marsh

Tough clothings..tough sphere. I didn't know it is so much fun to make posts for men. A place were men can be hanged..suddenly the man changes in a crow. The dire marsh is the name of the place... a good name for such a cruel place. Signs of they make in Iceland along the road. After making the pictures, i discovered, that when you allow the group to change your windlight, the place becomes more sinister ..the sky is so misty and grey then. Super to see !!!

Two outfits from lucky boards of Delirium Style. The hair with the cap is included. The boots are from Gabriel ( groupgift).The gloves are from Redgrave.

Gloves: Redgrave - [*RG*] Biker-Gloves [1/2-finger] -Ash-
Boots: Gabriel - ::GB:: Leather Bootie Brown ( free)
Outfit: Delirium Style - Delirium Style - Madcon LL ( free)
Outfit with checkered pants: Delirium Style -Delirium Style - Insider LL ( free)
Crow: Grendel's - American Crow - Grendels/Birdworx Edition ( now they sell another type)
Belt: Sole Accessory - :::Sole Lily buckle BELT::: (Black)( sale 88ld)
From inventory: necklace and bracelet ( here)

Kisses, Nic

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