Friday, October 12, 2012

she dipped her hair in his blood and went home

No it is just a title. Nic isn't so cruel. The title just came in my mind because of the gift hair from Magika from today. It has blood tips or candy corn tips ( a sort of caramel brown). Nic shows 3 pieces that she took on the halloween hunt at R.icielli: the bag, the black sweater and the skin. You need find a pumpkin in the mesh shop of R.icielli. Very easy to find. Each pumpkin costs 15ld. You can find 20 pumpkins. When you are a starter in sl then you can dress up complete and beautiful for not so much money,when you do the total hunt.
The pumps with chains are from the Dressing Room Blue ( left shoe) and the Dressing Room( right shoe) the package contains 5 sorts of pumps. The bloody theme and chaines go well together.
Oh and something  about the scarf. This one is an oldie from Miel, because i needed a black and white scarf. But you can get such a sort of scarf for free at League. The package contains 3 types ( tribal, paisley and nans) They go well with the candy corn tipped hair, because they have  more brown shades.

Bag: R.icielli - Ricielli - THE HALLOWEEN HUNT #item11(15ld)
Sweater: R.icielli - Ricielli - THE HALLOWEEN HUNT #item 14 (15ld)
Skin: R.icielli - R.icielli KATE skin ( 15ld)
Pumps: TDR and TDR Blue - TDR GIFT Chained Pumps 2 (only right and left) (each pack 1ld)
Hair: Magika - Magika [Halloween Group Gift] (free)
Such sort of scarf: League -  *League* Snoods -Gift ( free)
From inventory: Jeans - mon tissu; Scarf - Miel

Bye bye, Nic

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