Friday, April 20, 2018

i know there's a path that's leading towards the Master...

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Love devotion and surrender...
A place for devotion, in the wood. Sounds of birds and the smell of the forest ground. The bird in the cage will soon be set free. No doubt about it.

Nic is wearing a skirt from M.Birdie from a gacha. Reminds me of the sixties. The top from Spirit is available at Uber. You get a sparkling version and this one. The cute necklace has a text "you are my sunshine". It's a  group gift from Cae. Comes with a color hud.
Rezology has at marketplace a big hair sale. Nic's hair is one of those sale hairs. Some hairs are 1ld, most 25 or 28ld. Lovely hairs in my opinion. You get fat packs. I like the blond color from rezology.
The cage is a release from Mesh India at Tres Chic (resizable). The lotus lamps, the holy kundalam and the Siddharta Face decor are all from Mesh India, released in the new Pocket Gacha. Get your pocket gacha hud at marketplace for free .From your armchair you can do the gacha without the problem of a laggy place to go.

Skirt: M.Birdie -  `M.BIRDIE / Merry look-skirtA4 Maitreya (gacha)
Top: Spirit at Uber - SPIRIT - Tia sweatshirt [PEACH]  also a sparkling version (NEW)
Hair: rezology - rezology Cloud Nine ( 26ld/ sale at Marketplace/ many more hairs)
Necklace: Cae - Cae :: Sunshine :: Necklace [bagged]
From inventory: flats - #Empire ( old FLF item); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Ys&Ys

Lotus Lamp, holy kundalam, siddharta face - Mesh India for Pocket gacha - MI Siddartha Gacha Decor (NEW)
Bird cage: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Indira Bird Cage (NEW)
From inventory: {anc} swallows ( gacha); lights - [CIRCA]
Pictures made at: Witchwood
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 19, 2018


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Breakfast or a lunch in nature can be disturbed  by little creepy creatures. Nic seems to be unaware of them. Enjoying her sunny morning outside.
She is wearing an 1 dollar gift, the bodysuit from Scandalize. Will be in front of the shop for 24 hours. Don't know when this offer started. Nic is showing you the set with and without the scarf. You can also see a snake choker, the rare item from the gacha from Codex at the Epiphany Event. The shoes ( with color hud)  are again from the lucky boards at #Empire. Hair from Sintiklia, another Midnight Madness gift from last saturday. For those who want Sintiklia hair it is good to know that the shop has lucky boards.

Jumpsuit: Scandalize. - Scandalize. Stacy. PinkPale (1ld/ 24 hours)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Trachelium (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Sara - Special pack ( Free for MMM from last saturday)
Necklace: Codex at Epiphany - 13 CODEX_SNAKE CHOKER RARE (gacha/NEW)
Day bed - junk. - junk. Vintage french daybed
From inventory: Blueberry pancakes - dust bunny, coffee - 8f8; skin - Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body; Maitreya; beetle - [kosmii]; bento rings - MEVA
Pictures made at: The Ruins of Deepmarch
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


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"Wait here at the bar" he said and left all his stuff behind. But that is already an hour ago. Embarrassing!
She is feeling so much anger inside. But most of all sadness. He will not send a message because his phone is here. What to do? See below

Nic is dressed in a set from Scandalize. It's a free set. Group join 100ld. But a wall of free items there. A set that i love to show you on the blog. You get a fuzzy version ( as shown) and the non fuzzy version. Under the top a bra from FAC. Available at marketplace. Nic's boots are from the lucky boards at  #Empire. An evening waiting with finally the shoes as result yesterday. The shoes have a large color hud. Nic's hair is from the Midnight Mania Madness from last saturday from Sintiklia. Glasses from Eclat at marketplace.

Set: Scandalize - Scandalize. Velure. (free/ group join fee)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Lavender (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Kelly - ( free/ Past Midnight Mania Madness )
Sunnies: Eclat - Eclat Mirrored Sunnies
From Inventory: Skin - Ys&Ys; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; Hat on chair - Gabriel (free/ available old gift) ; bag on ground - BAZAR, bar stool - [tmk]; fufu black bag - Maxi Gossamer; lipstick - [CIRCA]; bra - FAC ( Victoire); rings - Meva
Pictures made at: Black Milk Club, Neva River Village

She went home ;)

Monday, April 16, 2018

walking in whispering reeds

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They are walking at the sim Weed. Beautiful there. And a good place to try her new free boots from Gos Boutique. Released yesterday and they are gorgeous. Many spring colors in the hud, but Nic is wearing grey because of her new black dress. Watch the perforations in the leather. That realy makes them stunning. Behind the group gift board you also can pick-up all the old group gifts.
Nic's dress is from::UNA:: released at We <3 Roleplay. Comes as a gown and as a short dress. the dress has two parts the short dress and the vest ( at the right side). You can also choose transparency. For the belt are several colors. The fatpack has more colors. Black for example is in the fatpack. So many possibilities with this dress! It's a promo 25% off during the event.
Also very glad i am with the bento rings in silver from Meva. In discount at the little shop at Cosmopolitan for the Hello Tuesday event. Outside in the shopping cart. Just 130ld. Comes with an easy hud to choose which ring must be off or on.
Nic's hair is from the Cosmopolitans Sales Room from Fabia. Lovely hair in my opinion.
The necklace is a 50ld necklace at Marketplace. An oldie but still nice and available.
Nic's sheepdogs aren't good in hunting. Behind her in the field are pheasants. They didn't see them. Tha's better! They just found the found the little mouse.

Dress: ::UNA:: at WLRP- ::UNA:: Alana ( NEW/ and 25% off promo)
Boots: Gos Boutique - [Gos] Rihanna Perforated Boots - Spring (free)
Hair: Fabia at CSR - -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Dara> Blond (NEW)
Rings:  Meva at Cosmo Satellite Store -  Meva Heidi Bento Rings Silver Maitreya Box ( 50% off)
Skin: Ys&Ys at eBento - *YS&YS* Giada Tone 02 Skin Applier for LELUTKA Heads (NEW)
Necklace: [7891.] - [7891.] Hage cross necklace siver ( 50ld)
From inventory: mouse- Pewpew!; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya
Pictures taken at: Isle of May, Weed 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 15, 2018

whatever the weather

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Whatever the weather she did go gardening. These blue flowers of innocence with the color of the sky she is offering to you.
Nic went gardening on her bicycle cart. You can see it at the left side of the "what ever the weather" stand with bench from Mesh India. The stand and the bench is from the Deco(c)rate from April. The Monthly Mystery Box. Pre-order your  May Deco(c)rate before the 8th of the month.
The cart is from Captured Waters by Alexa, the newest release in the store. For the sphere i used the dreamer lights from [Circa]

Nic is wearing a top from Jana&Littles SL World. Comes with panties (not shown here). All has a color hud. Nic is wearing the top on the new skirt from Blueberry. It is the collaboration item with the top from Addams ( see post before this one). The white tattoo with the blue heart is from Carol G. for the Teleport Hub group. Group join is 10ld. Nic is wearing an old group gift hair from Truth, Athena. All old grupgifts are available in the shop. Nic's rings are from *AvaWay*, an old gift near the entrance. The hanging flowers are from Mesh India from the MI Kale Vase Gacha. The blue bouquets are from NSP from Nic's inventory. No in world store anymore, only at Marketplace SL.

The Blueberry store has the 6th anniversary sale atm (ends April 20). 50% off of everything except for the most recent releases and gachas. Every day Blueberry will be giving away 10 gift cards selecting customers from social media, in store, in world group and shoppers of the sale.

Top: Jana&Littles SL world - -JL- Aby Outfit (HUD)
Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry - Calliope - Skirt & Belt - Light Blue
Rings: *AvaWay*- *AvaWay* SINDY_Ring (for bento hands) (free)
Tattoo: Carol G. for Teleport Hub group - Carol G. Mehndi and Heart Mouth tattoo ( free/ group join 10ld)
Hair: TRUTH - TRUTH VIP - September available (free/ but group join fee)
Pose last picture: Salacity at Pose Fair  (ends 30th of April) - Salacity Vargas Girls (change a little bit with the animare hud); blue hair flower - Izzie's

What Ever The Weather set: Mesh India for Deco(c)rate - MI Whatever the weather decor set
Bike cart: Captured Waters - Captured Waters Go,n gardening (NEW)
From inventory: dream lights - [CIRCA]; hanging plant - Mesh India
Pictures made at: Nymphai
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. i love faves ;)!
Lace is the link between Nic's tattoo, top and her pants. The tattoo is like lace on her new skin. The skin is from Ys&Ys for LeLutka, available at eBento. Nic is wearing eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and eyebrows from the hud from Ys&Ys. Many options available.
The super top is from Adams, a new release. Love the lace arm parts. All so delicate! The top is made in a collaboration with Blueberry. Blueberry made a matching skirt. That skirt is also very lovely.
Nic is showing you the top with a jeans with lace from Pacagaia. I bought the skinny jeans with the new April group gift  from the shop, a 500ld store credits card. Join group is 100ld. But an easy calculation tell us this: You get for 100ld 4 group gifts and the possibility to buy 5 clothes in the shop ( because many items are 100ld). Isn't that very affordable?! The clothes have a good quality.
The tattoo is a  group gift from Carol G. The Carol G. group has a group join fee. But you can go there for another white  tattoo for just 10ld. It is a tattoo from Carol G. for the Teleport Hub group.
On Nic's foot you can see a snake toe ring from Candy Crunchers. It's a gift at the anniversary of the BodyFy event. You can grab many gifts there till 24th April. Hit the Panic buttons.
Nic's hair is the new release from Sintiklia at the Black Fair Event. Love this way of wearing with the loose hairs over the shoulders. More options are in the styling hud.
The sitting pose is from Salacity Poses for the Pose fair.

Skin: Ys&Ys at eBento - *YS&YS* Giada Tone 02 Skin Applier for LELUTKA Bento Heads (NEW)
Body skin: Ys&Ys  - *YS&YS* - Tone 02 Basic Body Applier v2.0 - Omega System
Top: Addams - Addams // Isabella Boho Shirt // N*1 (NEW)
Tattoo: Carol G. - Tattoo Pendant Loop white [CAROL G] ( free/ but group join fee)( see text for a 10ld white tattoo for 10ld)
Skinny Jeans: Pacagaia - :PC: Lory Skinny Jeans
Hair: Sintiklia at the Black Fair - Sintiklia - Hair Llona - Light blondes (NEW)
Snake toe ring: Candy Crunchers at Bodyfy - Candy Crunchers Snake Toe ring  (free)
Pose: Salacity Poses at Pose Fair - Salacity Poses Vargas Girls (NEW)
Eyes: IKON  - IKON Promise eyes Glass
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 13, 2018

all together

Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr pictures are here and here.
Relax time with the family, including the dogs. Tjip and Nic are under the fence pergola from unKindness, a release at FaMESHed. I made a wooden floor under the pergola to create a place to wash the dogs and sit and relax. A sort of patio it is now. I also made the sunscreen outside the patio.

In the patio you can see a garden table and chair set from a hunt at X-Clusives Animations. You find the gift  inside a black candle on a "family portrait" frame on the wall.
The bath is from Salacity. In it all sort of poses.
The brown leather cushion on the ground is a window seat cushion from Salacity from the Evil Bunny hunt. Salacity is sponsor of this hunt ( April 5th - 30th). In the cushion G/PG solo poses as well as his and hers "private moments" solo poses. In the patio i placed a fountain from unKindness and a bathroom table from [Tia] with a flower set. In the fountain are plants from a little pond from a dollarbie at Marketplace called Orient. The hanging yellow flowers and the white flowers are from Mesh India available in the mainstore. Potted plants from Soy. Plants outside - Heart Garden Centre.

Nic is wearing a sexy dress ( or is it lingerie?) named "sweet sin" a dollarbie at marketplace from !Black Swan! Her shoes with a super color hud are from the lucky boards at #Empire. Hair from no.match ( unisex). The pose on the overview picture is from the Pose Fair from Salacity.
Tjip is showing you the Fifty Linden Friday jacket with shirt from etham ( also one with a light grey jacket you can buy). His hair is from Modulus

Dress: ! Black Swan ! - ! Black Swan ! GIFT Sweet Sin  ( 1ld)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Xeranthemum (free/LB)
Hair: no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_HEAT B ~ Essentials/OMBRE
Pose: Salacity at the Pose Fair - Salacity Poses Vargas girls ( NEW)
From Nic's inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; dog - JIAN ('dorable Danes gacha); necklace - (Kunglers) see also here in light color.

Hair: tjip: Modulus - Modulus - Scott Hair - Monochromes
Jacket: etham - etham - Josh Blazer - Light Blue *FLF*( FLF/ 50ld)
From tjips inventory: jeans - American Bazar (Barry); skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; basset - Amu

Garden set: X-Clusives Animations - X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS Moakley Mahogony conversation chairs and table (l ld/ hunt)
Leather cushion: Salacity  for the Evil Bunny hunt - Salacity Window Seat Cushion (hunt gift)
Pergola: unKindness at FaMESHed - part of  uk - Contemporary Garden Sets (NEW)
Bath: Salacity at the XXX event - Salacity - Tawdry Tub (NEW)
Silver bathroom table:[Tia]  [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Side Table
Bubbles: Aquatics - Fyn Little Rock Bubble emitter (6ld)
Flower set:[Tia] - [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Flower Vases
From inventory: lace curtains - Knick Knacks; hanging flowers - Mesh India ( spring gacha/ mainstore); wall - Apple Fall; lattice - pomponne; plants and towel- Soy.; fountain - unKindness; silver vase - [Tia]; roses - from Marketplace; soap -AXL Pro; floxgloves - Heat Garden Centre; grass - The Little Branch; perfumes - [CIRCA]
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 12, 2018

la coeur ailé

Her heart has wings. Wings to fly to the one she loves. No boundaries. She will fight to protect the freedom of her heart. 

Nic is wearing a sexy leather dress with spikes from **Mistique**. A good dress for role-play in my opinion. The boots are from Vanilla Bae at Shoetopia ( ends 16th of April). Avaibale as fatpack for Maitreya, Slink, B.Isis and B.Freya. A normal and material version is in the package. 
Nic's Hair is the last group gift from Truth. I added bangs from Truth. The hair has a styling hud. It's a fatpack. The tattoo is a 10ld gift at Juna. The sword is an oldie from Nic's inventory.

Dress: **Mistique****Mistique** Bibi Black ( also other colors available)
Boots: Vanilla Bae at Shoetopia  - * Vanilla Bae * Kaya OTK Boots - FAT PACK (NEW)
Tattoo: Juna - Juna: Coeure aile tattoo Woman Bag (10ld)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP March - Bewkie (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; watch bracelet - Brii; dew - unKindness
Pictures made at: InSilico SE 

cold fire

Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here.
At first sight this place makes a doomed impression. A good environment however for a photoshoot.

Nic is showing you a group gift ( from januari, if i know well ) dress from Adorsy. I didn't know about this gift and i hope it's new for you too.  The dress comes with a good color hud. Love the sleeves with the ribbons and i love the folds from the dress. Nic is wearing boots from Nerido from a gacha. Lucky me, i found this rare item for a reasonable price at marketplace.  The necklace is from Kunglers. It is the last  day of the annual sale in the shop, but this necklace is from the discount part of the shop (upstairs). Nic's hair is from Mina, an old gift from the St. Patrick's Day hunt.

Dress: Adorsy - Valeria Dress Group Gift - adorsy hud with 30 colors for sleeves and dress/ and many colors for the pantie (free)
Necklace: (Kunglers) - (Kunglers) Belinda necklace - Onyx ( discount price/ 50ld)
Boots: Nerido - #2~Nerido~ Shiva High Boots (Maitreya)-Coal RARE (gacha)
From inventory: Hair - Mina ( old gift/ Arwen); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin- LAQ
Pictures made near the Kunglers shop
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

the gift of love

Click small pictures to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves!
The gift of love today is: i promise you a rose garden. My roses will smell sweet for you my love.

No i didn't promise you are rose garden in the post before this one. I said: "Nic will show you her shed with roses in the summer". But then i discovered all the roses in the gacha from Silvery K for the Seasons Story and couldn't wait to show that to you.
In the gacha you can get several beautiful torso's. Torso's with a lace patch over the shoulder (see behind Nic) or a torso with  a lace ribbon, roses in it and butterflies. Very decorative! You can see the the shabby chic console table, shabby chic pendants with white and pink roses, chandeliers with ivy and gypsophilia in baskets or bottle or pitchers. Nic is sitting on her daybed from tarte. An old Luxe Box item, but since Luxe Box stopped, you can buy the daybed in the mainshop. I couldn't check it with the teacup pomeranians ( also a luxe box item), because i couldn't find the mishmish shop in world at the moment.

Nic is wearing the new group gift top and skirt from Entice. The necklace is from the sale at Kunglers (end tomorrow!). All items with a red star are in the sale. Last year i bought a necklace in the sale and never regretted it. So go have a look. Now it is sale again. Nic's hair is a new release from Wasabi at The Seasons Story.
The shoes are from =MB= , a groupgift for Slink feet.

Dress: Entice - Entice - The Gift of Love FATPACK ( free)
Necklace: (Kunglers) - (Kunglers) Sabrina necklace - Crystal (50ld/ in sale ends april 12)
Hair: Wasabi at TSS - Wasabi // Everly Mesh Hair - Basics (NEW)
Shoes: =MB= - = MB = 51 Millions Panna stiletto for Slink (free/ group join 35ld)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ

Several decor items( see text): Silvery K at TSS - *:..Silvery K..:*Shabby Chic Gacha
Daybed: tarte. -  tarte. aria daybed
From inventory: roses in glass - Ariskea; hydrangea - Ariskea; rug - DDD; teacup pomeranian- mishmish; bottle with wine - [kunst] ; wisky decanter and glasses - Apple Fall; tree- The Little Branch; shed - dust bunny; [Tia] - Silverleaf Glass Vase; notebook - Belle Epoque (old gift); butterfly group - Persefona, solo butterfly - ::UNA::; rose petals - Persefona; hogweed in vase - [ keke ]
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 9, 2018

intoxicating and overwhelming

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Intoxicating is the flower of love... time after time. It's beautiful and overwhelming like the intoxicating smell and beauty of flowers.  In her new shed you can see her beautiful orchids. Some of them smell delicious. In the summer time she will plant roses. The style now is more Asian and tropical.
The shed is the Fifty Linden Friday item from Dust Bunny from last friday. The garden space i created with items from unKindness from the Contemporary Garden Sets at FaMESHed (ends April 27th). The Asian styled deck and furniture is from the Serene Getaway Gacha for Lootbox (ends April 19th) from unKindness. From Silvery K are the chandeliers in the shed and outside the gypsophila in baskets. Available at The Season's Story Spring (Apr 10th @ 12 AM- May 1st @ 12 AM). Chairs, rug and the side tables with orchids are from [CIRCA] at the Black Fair.
The bell lamps are the Fifty Linden Friday item from {anc}. The purple orchid is from marketplace. All the other decor items are from Nic's inventory.

Nic is wearing her garden outfit outside. Inside the shed she is wearing her night outfit. All these clothes you can find at Radex. The tank and dungaree shorts are a group gift from the Almi's Style group ( with a color hud). The night outfit ( with hud) and the shoes ( with hud) are from the Butterfly Hunt at Radex. A very easy hunt. Each piece is 16ld.
For the smoking pose i went again to the Pose Fair to Artis.

Tank and Dungaree shorts: RADEX - RADEX Mesh Oliver Tank & Jean Dungaree Shorts (free)
Sandals: RADEX - RADEX Mesh Damlasu All Colours Sandals Butterfly hunt -11 ( 16ld)
Night outfit: RADEX - RADEX Mesh ALys All Colours Night Outfit Butterfly hunt - 23 (16ld)
Pose on japanese bench: Artis at Pose Fair - Artis Smoking 3 LH ( 20ld); orchid stands - Kaerri
From inventory: necklace - [VO.Z] ( free/see post before this one); hair - Besom ( Debrossi); head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya

Shed: dust bunny - dust bunny Gardenia shed ( FLF/ 50ld)
Garden hedge: unKindness at FaMESHed- uk - Contemporary Garden Sets - FaMESHed (NEW)
Oriental furniture and platform: unKindness Lootbox - uk - Serene Getaway Gacha  (gacha/ NEW)
Chairs,side tables with Orchids and the rug: [CIRCA] at Black Fair - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Lavelle" - Sitting Room Set - Black & Cream Wood (NEW)
Gypsophila and chandeliers: Silvery K  at TSS -  part of *:..Silvery K..:*Shabby Chic Gacha (NEW)
Bell lamp; {anc} - {anc} Bell Lamp ( FLF/ 50ld)
Purple Orchid: I.D.  - I.D. Purple Orchid Sprig in vase ( 10ld)
From inventory: Kimono hanger and box coffee table - Silvery K; wine and Wisky  decanter - Apple Fall ( gift); Sake  set  -  [Kunst] ( old gift); watering can - hive//; bamboo in vase - AXL Pro; trees and grass - The Little Branch; other plants - SOY; beaker and plant fall- BP ( old); garden cart and sink - sari sari; blue plants- Kazza; marble vase - Salacity
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 8, 2018

help me make it through the night

Click the small picture to enlarge.
When she is down and lonely he will help her make it through the night.

Nic and her doggie both in black and white. She is showing you her Fifty Linden Friday tucked T-shirt from Tee*fy. Still available on sunday evening. The shirt comes with a bra for under the shirt and a top. I chose the top. With huds you can choose colors and textures for the bra and the top.
Nic's shorts are also from Tee*fy from this brand new round of the Collabor88. Love the side of the shorts with the tassel.
On the chair you see a satchel bag from Orange Pekoe, The wearable demo (1ld) is in brown with other stripes. This is the version for holding in your hand, but there is also a cross body satchel.
The necklace with puppy pendant and choker is a group gift at [VO.Z].
The shoes are a groupgift from =MB=. Group join is 35ld. You get a black and a cream version ( for Slink feet)
The bangs that i used with the Raphael hair from Sintiklia ( an older group gift)  are from the newest group gift from Sintiklia, released at March 30th.

When you are not in the mood for black then go to Ricielli for a very nice soft pink dress, a group gift. That gift is blogged already many times and i saw many wearing that dress. But for those who missed it. Go there, it is a beautiful gift!

Shirt: Tee*fy - Tee*fy Rylee Tucked T-Shirt - Black (FLF/ 50ld)
Shorts: Tee*fy at C88 - Tee*fy  Mia Shorts - White Pinstripes (NEW)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia Raphael ( gg/ free/ but group join fee)
Hair bangs: Sintiklia - part of Sintiklia - Hair Teri - Group gift ( free/ but group join fee)
Shoes: =MB= - = MB = 51 Millions Black stiletto ( gg/ free/ grouup join 35ld)
Necklace and choker: [VO.Z] - [VO.Z] Group Gift - March 2018(free)
Bag: Orange*Pekoe - (O*O) Leather satchel pattern ( wearable demo available for 1ld / see text)

Decor: Chair - Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil Reily Net Chair
From inventory: dashing dalmatians nr. 5 companion  - JIAN (gacha); head- LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; Slink - feet
Pictures made at:  ***le parc***
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 6, 2018

irresistibly attracted to....

 Click small picture to enlarge
Irresistibly attracted to ... (just make your own story)...she can be attracted to someone? The man in the jail behind her? Or is another person irresistibly attracted to her?
Anyway i wanted make Nic irresistible. And i couldn't resist to buy this hair, dress, the chair and doggie. Good excuse for all my expenses is, that i can inform you about the Pose Fair that is running at the moment. Many shops from good pose designers. I bought the pose and the chair there from Artis. And because of the dress i can tell you that the Black Fair is open (and very crowded and laggy ). It was so laggy that i couldn't buy the dress from Adorsy, but the designer helped me and did sell the dress to me directly. The hair i saw, when i was standing in the #Empire shop near the new lucky boards. Very crowded at #Empire. But  a good time to inspect other avatars. I had no luck, but i can recommend to you to go there to try your luck. Nic is wearing shoes from #Empire from her inventory. The hair from #Foxy comes with a hoody version, an normal version and an unrigged version and a styling hud.  The sweet dog is the Fifty Linden Friday item from Jian.You get the cute beagle pup  as companion, as wanderer  and in a wearable version.

Dress: Adorsy at Black Fair - adorsy - Ashley Dress Black - Maitreya (NEW)
Hair: #Foxy - #Foxy - Mishi Hair (Natural Ombres)
Chair: Artis at Pose Fair  - Artis - Angel seat (add) 2.0 (NEW)
Pose: Artis at Pose Fair - Artis Just Pose 2 ( 20ld)
Shoes: #Empire - #Empire Thunbergia.
Beagle:  JIAN - JIAN Beagle Pup Collection ( FLF/ 50ld)
From inventory: skin - LAQ; head- LeLutka; body - Maitreya; hair base - Unorthodox; neck ribbon - Silvery K
Pictures made at Backdrop City
Bye Bye Nic

Thursday, April 5, 2018

an Arabian 1001 night for you

Click the small pictures to enlarge. My Flickr Picture is here. i love faves;)!
When he is back she will try to hold him here in her moroccan room. Maybe she can tell stories with an open end so that he will come back every time, like in the story of 1001 nights.

The roof, walls and the little pond with fishes i created with parts from a dollarbie on market place called Orient. The furniture is from [CIRCA] available at Illuminate Event ( running March 18 - April 12). Prizes of the collection are 50% off during the event. It's the time to go there (when you want tease the one you love like Nic wants to do) and get your furniture lesser expensive. From the [CIRCA] set you can see the chair, the bed ( with many very good animations), the cabinets, the fan, two sorts of ottomans ( flowered and plain), 3 mirrors on the  wall. Other wall decorations in gold and teal, tables with and without cups, the potted plants ( pot colors changeable)  and entwined pland stands in gold. The leather ottoman is a gift from N4RS. The color is changeable  and the ottoman has many animations for couples and singles. Other accessories are from Timeless Decor and [V/W].

Nic is wearing a dress from the YM shop, a group gift. Group join is 5ld, but you can grab many gifts, the shoes for example ( a fatpack). The hair is the same as in the post before this one. I tried another hair style with the hud. The long necklace and the plastron necklace are from Aisling. You can change many colors of the set.

Dress: YM SHOP - YM SHOP_Cindy Outfit White (free/ group join 5ld)
Shoes: YM SHOP - YM SHOP_Fiess Slink High Shoes( free/ group join 5ld)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Passion (Browns)
Jewelry: Aisling - Aisling Karishma
From inventory: skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Home and little pond : TDB - made with parts of TDB Orient  ( 1ld)
Teal furniture: [ CIRCA] at Illuminate - [CIRCA] Blog Pkg2 - "Nahla" Moroccan Set @ ILLUMINATE - Mar '18 (NEW/50% off during event)
Leather ottoman: N4RS - N4RS GG Ottoman ( free)
Plants: [CIRCA] at Illuminate - [C.] Blog Pkg - "Nahla" House Plants Set - Pots 2 - Exotic Mix (NEW)
From inventory: Oils and goblets and tray:.:TD:. ; tin lantern - [V/W] ; red hibiscus plants - AXL Pro; dogs - {anc}
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

feeling spring

Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
Feeling spring. The little chick in her hand and the morning sun is bringing her that spring feeling.
Nic is dressed sexy in her skirt and top from ::UNA::, released at the Kinky event. Several ways to wear the top and the skirt. You can make the middle part of the skirt transparent. The skirt comes in a pattern version, a basic version or in this version with pattern and basic part. Nic is wearing a basic top but there is also a pattern top. Several colors are available. The fat pack has extra colors.
I bought for Nic this gorgeous hair from Stealthic. You need not have a hairbase for this hair. And the color is so natural. Comes also with a styling hud.
The skin is the new tan groupgift skin from WoW skins ( with omega applier and a skin for the system avatar). Comes without eyebrows. I used the eyebrows from the LeLutka hud. The eye make up from this skin is very dark.
The sweet pose is a release from Lush.

Top and skirt: ::UNA:: at Kinky Event - ::UNA:: Jani (NEW)
Skin: WoW Skins - .::WoW Skins::. Soraya GROUP GIFT 2018 ( free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic Passion Brown
Pose: Lush Poses - Lush Poses Feeling Spring (NEW)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; chickens - +Half-Deer+; shoes - #Empire (Gerbera ); Necklace - Clef de Peau Outlet ( Mia)
Pictures made at: Whimberly
Bye bye, Nic