Sunday, October 7, 2012

NiNight Creations 2nd Anniversary

Nic shows you her beautiful dress, very good for wearing on a warm autumn day. Those colors are so warm burning sunny. I love how the colors of the dress combine with the brown color of the hair and the boots. And so cute the Fantasea 4finger ring with the seahorse and other sea creatures. It is the groupgift from B L U E  on marketplace.
Now more about the dress from NiNight Creations: The shop celebrates their 2nd Anniversary. Because of that they  have a sale and a small hunt at the main store.There are 14 items discounted 50% off the ENTIRE store, including the new release. And play scrabble to get two wonderful prizes. 16 scrabble blocks, needed to build the name of the store, has been dropped around. Look for them to be sure you can get the prizes! (two of them contains goodies and cost only 2L$ each).
And wow the prizes are so wonderful: a scrabble rug with 4 chairs and a table made of scrabble blocks. Realy cute. The other prize is a total room with furniture. For example a  cool bed ( with animations) armchair, books, a carpet..too much to write down all.

Dress: NiNight Creations - ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Ruffle One Shoulder Mini Dress 7 (50% sale)
Ring: B L U E - - B L E U - FantaSea 4Finger Ring *GOLD* (free)
Bed (and all sorts of furniture) - NiNight Creations - ..:: NN ::.. PW Room v.6 (2ld)
ScrabbleFurniture: NiNight Creations - ..:: NN ::.. Scrabble Furniture (2ld)
From inventory: Boots Maitreya; Necklace- Deco; Hair - Analog Dog ( Mizu)

Happy Anniversary Nigella Nightfire and thankssssssssssss, Nic

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