Wednesday, October 10, 2012

much more then just this halloween jacket

Yes much and much more you can get at the place where Nic got this cute Halloween jacket. I got a message about this jacket late at night this week. I tp-ed there took the jacket made a landmark and went to bed. Today i went back there and oh my goodness i found lots of nice lucky boards and lots of groupgifts there: boots, more motor jackets, more halloween motorjackets (plain), skins for male and female, a schoolgirl argyle outfit, male ao , female ao,  beginners full avatar  male and female with cute hair and jacket ( you need not be a beginner), jogging pants, camo mesh tanks, cute spring dress with nice pumps. Go.. go... go and walk around  and grab what you like. You need join the Heaven's Gate group.

Jacket: Heavens Gate - [HG VIP] Halloween Gift Jacket ( free)
Boots: Heavens Gate -  [HG] Womens Outlaw Boots (Black) ( lucky board) ( free)
From inventory: Paradisis - dress streetgirl

Bye bye , Nic

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