Sunday, December 10, 2017

Secret Santa with love for Stefania Giano

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Some time ago i signed in to the "Secret Santa Blog Swap" from Bloggers & Vlogger Network. The name of the person that has been drawn for me is: Stefania Giano. The idea behind this is to produce a blog post, or photo, or video about the person you have drawn. Someone else will have pulled Nic's name from Santa's hat and will be doing a post about Nic.

I went to inspect Stefania's ( or Stef's ) Flickr and blog and i like very much what i saw. Stef is a sensual sexy lady i discovered. She is 30+ , living in Southern California with her little Shiba Inu Puppy. Before i read this info, i already discovered many animals on her flickr pictures. I learned that she is often wearing  long hair or updo's and  sometimes hairs with tails. She likes hair from Truth, Stealthic or Magika for example.
She is mostly wearing very sexy stylish clothes such as lingerie, short dresses, body suits and sometimes a long sexy dress. Sometimes she is using tattoo's. She is a very good photographer. I love  her marvelous pictures, i like her style and her sense of taste.

To honour her i made with pictures from Nic wearing a long sexy gown from Scandalize and long hair from Truth. Nic is wearing earrings from Aleutia, the new groupgift and a necklace from Maxi Gossamer, the new groupgift. Under her gown Nic is wearing a special offer from N-Core (you need not be in the group) at the new satellite store. The skin is from the Advents calendar at Wow Skins. This one is for LeLutka ( Stefania is using a LeLutka head)

Stefania is invited to come to this cosy Countryside Cottage from unKindness ( a release at Collabor88) I hope she loves the delicious food from the Holiday Feast Gacha at Imaginarium. Not too much ofcourse otherwise she will become too fat for the sexy corsets, that she loves.
I know Stefania loves to decorate ( she is sponsored by The Liaison Collaborative for example). So showing this home with some nice free decoration items will be ok i think. And ofcourse it's only complete with lots of animals for her.

Dress: Scandalize - Scandalize. Zuary Free (free/ but group join fee)
Truth: TRUTH - TRUTH Cheri - Blonde
Earrings: [Aleutia] - [Aleutia] Snow {Group Gift}with color hud ( free/ but group join fee)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. - .::WoW Skins::. Fatma TAN Lelutka appl. Day 10 advent ( free to all)
Shoes: N-Core at Zen Soul -- N-core SONIA "Golden" ( special Offer 55ld)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Aurora (free)
Rings: Slipper for MMM - Slipper - Cadence Rings MMM Dec 2017 (freeMMM/ now Last Chance)
Nails: LIVIA:: at The Avenue - LIVIA::Brushed Pearl Nails [Slink/Omega/Mait/Vista] (free)
Pose on second picture: A&R Haven - A&R Haven - rBentoPose1204-ForNail(rez)(free)
From inventory: body - maitreya; head - LeLutka; poses - Le Poppycock

Countryside Cottage: unKindness at C88 - uk - Countryside Cottage - Collab88 (NEW)
Food, dining table etc.: unKindness at Imaginarium - - uk - Holiday Feast Gacha (NEW)
Golden and glass trees, frames: 7mad;Ravens at Tannenbaum  - 7mad;Ravens - Holiday Set (NEW)
Spiral trees: Granola. - Granola. December Group Gift 2017(free)
Couch and rug: C L A Vv- C L A Vv Light Studio Couch and rug ( Gacha)
Suitcase - [evoLove] at the Avenue - [evoLove] -  Polka Dot Suitcase. Stef is personal assistant for [evoLove] (free)
Centre piece on the coffee table: The Avenue - .:Tm:. Creation The Avenue Glitter and Gold Gift (free)
Balloons: {Raindale} at the Avenue -- The Avenue - Gift Box - {Raindale}(free)
Strings of light: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] - Dreamer / Festival Light Art
From inventory: Coctail tray - Kaerri, wooden coffe table - TBF; Chaise longue - Pixel-Mode, brown leather chair - Lisp; round pouf - Warm; tv tray- MudHoney; wood blocks with snow ( behind the window) - mesh India; cat on cushion - JIAN.,
Pictures made at : Les Reves Perdus 

Bye bye, Nic ( i hope you like my blogpost Stef)
Now Nic is resting

Saturday, December 9, 2017

no worries

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No worries when you missed the Midnight Mania Madness this weekend. You can still go to the shop later and buy the last chance item for an affordable price.  It's such a festive set. The silk blouse with the glitter skirt. Because Nic wanted to show the new well from mushilu (released at We <3 Role-Play) she had to go outside and therefore she is wearing the warm fur bolero from ::K::, available in several colors in the main shop. The jewelry set is also from the Midnight Madness from Slipper.
Nic's hair is an updo from a gacha from Tableau Vivant. The stars are in the folder. The star hairband is an old groupgift from [keke].

Skirt and blouse: Salt&Pepper - S&P Gloria skirt and  blouse ( free/ Midnight Madness/ if you missed it will be later on in last chance)
Jewelry: Slipper - Slipper - Darby MMM December (free/ Midnight Madness/ if you missed it will be later on in last chance)
Fur bolero: ::K:: -::K:: Fur Bolero Femme White
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Tableau Vivant \\  Starry Night \\ Updo - B+W (gacha)
Head band: [keke] -[keke] Pulsing star halo ( old gift/ still available)
From inventory: skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; shoes - REIGN (old Luxe Box  item); huskies - xin

The well: mushilu at We <3 Role-Play  - mushilu Water well Whinter (NEW)
Pictures taken at Tirol
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, December 7, 2017

may your dreams come true (Tannenbaum)

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At the market with her cute little fawn, so adorable tiny and cute. At Tannenbaum i found again a snow globe. I'm gonna be a bit obsessive now gathering all the snowglobes. It's a present  from O.M.E.N. Nic is wearing the new groupgift hair from Truth. Super hair again with a style hud and all colors. With and without headband. The woolen dress,the boots and the umbrella are at the Imaginarium Event in the rain day gacha from ::UNA::  Nic is showing you the dress without the scarf from ::K:: on the last picture to show you the neck part of the dress and the merry lights necklace, a gift from DOE at FaMESHed. The earrings are a gift from Belle Epoque.

Dress: ::UNA at Imaginarium - ::UNA:: Rain Day Gacha (NEW/ gacha/ 50ld each try)
Scarf: ::K:: at TMD - ::K:: Winter Holiday Gacha (NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP November - Ginevra ( free/ group join fee)
Earrings: Belle Epoque at FaMESHed - Belle Epoque { Extraordinaire } Earrings (free)
Necklace: Doe at FaMEHed - Doe - Merry Lights Necklace (free)
From inventory: Lights in hair - <DK> very old gift ; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; Skin - LAQ

Snow globe: O.M.E.N. at Tannenbaum - O.M.E.N Winter Dreams Globe (free)
Baubles: Dahlia at  Fameshed - Dahlia  Dec 2017 -  GIFT Packaged (free)
Bells: [LJ] Lost Junction at FaMESHed - LJ] Lost Junction - Ringadingy Bells(free)
Fawn: +Half-Deer+ -  +Half-Deer+ Dik-Dik  (gacha)
Pictures made at Tannenbaum
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

i just need you now


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A beauty sleep and then jogging in the snow, sucking at her candy cane.  "But i just need you now", she is thinking. Doing this alone is okay... but better together with you.
Nic is showing you a present from COCO from under the Christmas tree at FaMESHed . Many good presents there. Nic's sweater is from the gacha at The Arcade. The cute sleep deer sleeping mask is from Tee*fy. Fitting for this time of year. The necklace is from Nord Embel'Lys. I showed from this set the long necklace here . It is from the Tresor Astral set. Nic's hair is from Monso. I love loose hairstyles.
The skin is from day 5 from the advent calendar at 7 Deadly s[K]ins.

Hoody: `M.BIRDIE at The Arcade - `M.BIRDIE / SoonyChuny-HoodB5 (gacha)
Top and joggerPants: *COCO* at FaMESHed- *COCO*_Gift_JoggerPants(LightBlue)+TankTop (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - DAWN mesh skin box ( free/advents calendar day 5/but group join fee)
Hair: [monso] - [monso] My Hair - Nayoung /Blonde
Sleeping mask: Tee*fy - Tee*fy Sleepy Deer Sleeping Mask RARE (gacha)
Necklace: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Tresor Astral Set short necklace ( NEW)
Snowflake earrings: **RE** at FaMeshed - *RE** Snowflake Earrings GIFT (free)
From inventory: Shoes - [Vale Koer]; ( free); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; dog - {anc}; pose - Le Poppycock
Bye bye, Nic
What Nic is wearing was a bit inspired by someone i saw on my way through SL.

Monday, December 4, 2017

winter bar (The Arcade presents)

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In the gorgeous colorful outfit Nic is sitting at the winterbar. A moment of rest after shopping at the Arcade. All presents around her from that event. See the credits. The blue sweater with snowflakes is from the POE hunt. The large scarf and skirt in kelim style are from Silvery K at Whimsical in the KilimStyle gacha. Also the booties are from that gacha. Love them. The Whimsical event is running from November 18th,2017 - December 18th,2017. The snowflake tattoo is a present from LUSH.
This is a totally free gift that can be found only at The Gacha Life. The Event starts on Dec 5th.
Don't forget to go to the advents calendars. An overview of all the calendars you can find here

Below i show you my collection of snow globes or glass domes. Snowglobes in rl are nice for kids. Domes with stuffed animals have my interest in rl. This collection here i gathered with fun in sl.

Skirt, scarf and boots: Silvery K at Whimsical- *:..Silvery K..:*KilimStyle Gacha(gacha/50ld each play)
Sweater: The Style Loft - TSL - Peaceful Snowflake Sweater ( POE hunt/free)
Tattoo: LUSH at the Gacha Life  (starts 5th December)- LUSH Snowflake Tattoo - Hands ( in white and black ( free)
Nails: Danemarkz - DaneMarkZ Group Gift November 2016 #3( still available/group join 50ld/ many gifts)

Presents from the Arcade under the Christmas tree in the middle of the event: here
Cocoa drinks: RazzBerry Inc. - RazzBerry Inc. - Cookie Cocoas in sugar and gingersnap (free)
Snow globe with snowman: !gO! - !gO! Snowman gift ( a snowglobe) (free)
Chalkboard: Action - Action - Arcade DEC 2017 GIFT(free)
Christmas cup: 22769 - 22769 - Christmas Cup - Merry Christmas everyone (free)
Wall deco(behind the window): {moss&mink} - {moss&mink} Christmas in pastel and classic(free)
Bauble:ChicChica - ChicChica - Ornament GIFT (free)
Unicorns ornaments: Astralia - Astralia - Unicorns Christmas Tree decors (free)
Fawn: [Black Bantam] - [Black Bantam] Lying Fawn in Ivy Gift Arcade (free)

From inventory: Knitty stockings - Basta!; head - LeLutka; body- Maitreya; skin - LAQ; red birds - le Poppycock; bag - Tres Blah; Hair - D!va (Erika)
Pictures made at: Non Stop
Bye bye, Nic
The one with Nic is from Tiar, a present ar Redeux. The big one with the dutch windmill to the right i got from a friend. On the table you can see the one from today from !gO! and  two from another blogpost, here.The other ones i showed in this blogpost here.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

dream world (POE hunt)

In her dreamworld she is blowing bubbles even with  golden stars.
Lovely presents Nic is showing you from the Peace On Earth hunt.You get the dress from ::ALTER:: with the bento ring ( the one on the right hand), the steampunk watch and shoes (not shown).
The bracelets and the other ring are from !IT!, a release for the #168th round of Designer Circle. Huds for many colors available.
The tattoo is from Juna for Spotlight an H@stag Event. Event opens on the 1st December until the 18th December. This tattoo  is a Exclusive for 99 linden for this event. The grungy panels behind Nic are a gift from cinphul
On the second picture the warm fur coat is from StormCrow Designs for the POE Hunt.
I wish you happy hunting.

Dress with shoes watch and bento ring: ::ALTER:: - ::ALTER:: Meg Outfit / SNOW (free/POE))
Tattoo: Juna for Spotlight - Juna: Dala tattoo Woman (NEW)
Jewelry: !IT! at Designer Circle - !IT! - Designer Circle #168 excl (NEW)
Jacket: StormCrow Design's - StormCrow Design's - Delany Fur Jacket (free/POE)
From inventory: skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka; body -Maitreya; jeans - Blueberry; shoes - Blueberry; Hair - Truth (gg/Farryn)

Grungy panels: cinphul - cinphul [gifts] subscriber gift (free)
Star that i did in the blow bubble: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Festival Light Art" Star Burst
Bubble on ground: Happy Mood (HPMD) - HPMD Bubble chair
Other decor items - {anc}
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 2, 2017

winter joy (POE hunt)

click small pictures to enarge

A winter scene at Les Reves Perdu. Nic and tjip are showing you presents from the Peace on Earth hunt and also other new releases from Mesh India and a new scarf from ::K:: for the Mens Dept ( see picture below with Anda).
Tjip is showing a new coat with turtleneck sweater from OMG Inc. & Get Jiggy! Comes with a color hud for coat sleeves and inner sweater.
Nic is wearing a winter sweater and she is showing you her new snow globes. All from the POE hunt. On the small picture ( click to get the full size) you can see the black cats from Prism, the babysitter dog for the kittens from the POE hunt. The bench with snow with the lamps are from the snow background from Mesh India. I made the wall invisible so i could use it here.
The apples and the ladder are from the MI Applecious Backdrop and Decor at Limit8 ( still a few days running). The snowboat  from mesh India is a release  for the Cosmopolitans Sales Room ( ends tomorrow/ but all goes to the mainshop ). 2 models, with snow base and with shadow base, both model comes with 6 color textures.

On the pictures inside the home Nic is wearing a sweater with blouse from Vips Creations on a legging from Prism, both presents at the POE hunt. The mantelpiece  (POE hunt) with the rug an cushions come with poses and props. On the picture you see the wine and pizza behind Nic. The piece of pizza in her hand and the box on the floor in front is a present at the Redeux Event. On the wall the bluesocks from Spiders Designs ( POE gift) behind the window the birdhouse from the advent calender at Spider Design. Yeah it's advent calender time !!!!

Nic is wearing;
Sweater with penquin: REVOLUTION - Christmas Penguin Sweaters (free/POE hunt)
Scarf:::K:: at TMD - ::K:: Winter Holiday Gacha Scarf (new round starts 5th december )
Sweater with shirt: Vips Creations - Female Outfit - [Sweet Christmas]-Vips Creations (free/POE)
Red legging: Prism - part of  Staci Leggings & Blouse Set Christmas Kittens (free/POE)
From inventory: skin - LAQ (Wilma); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; hair - Truth; tights-  Basta!; boots - Blueberry; blue shoes - Tabloid.

Tjips is wearing:
Coat: OMG inc. and Jiggy - Men's Woolen Coat POE10 (free/POE)
Skin- 7 Deadly Skins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins november groupgift (free/ group join fee)
From inventory: body - Signature, head - Adam; hair - Dura 

Apples and ladder: Mesh India at Limit8 - MI Applecious Backdrop and Decor (NEW/ends 13th December) 
Snow boat: Mesh India at CSR - MI Snow boat decor (NEW/ ends 3rd December)
Bench and lamps:  Mesh India at Ultra  -MI Snow Background (NEW/ ends 8th December))
Snow globe with baby reindeers: CARO - POE CARO TRADING COMPANY 2017(free/POE)
Snow globe with music and elk family : !YaY! Mesh Creations -  Peace On Earth Hunt 10 !YAY!Mesh Creations (free/POE)
Dog with kittens: Potomac signature homes - Potomac The Holiday Babysitter (free/POE hunt)
Black cats: Prism - part of Prism Staci Leggings & Blouse Set Christmas Kittens (free/POE)
Mantelpiece:True North Designs - POE10 Gift from True North Designs(free/POE)
Branch with socks and baubles: Spiders DesignPeace On Earth Hunt 10 Spiders Design(free/POE)
Birdhouse: Spiders Design - (SD) Advent Gift 1(1ld)
Pizza piece and box: LORIEN at Redeux - Black Friday GIFT **LORIEN** (free)
Chair and table: Kusshon - [kusshon] "Prenzlau"  xmas PoE #10 gift,, BOX (unpacked)
Doggie in box: O.M.E.N - O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog (gacha)
Pictures made at: Les Reves Perdus 
Bye bye, Nic
See for Anda's credits: here

Thursday, November 30, 2017

lazy at a fresh cold sunny day

Fresh and cold and sunny colors. Because i clicked wrong i suddenly am a member of the Aleutia group. First i thought oh boy stupid me, because of the group join fee. But now with the groupgifts i am not shocked anymore. I love the jackets with top ( and without top)  with 2 sorts of huds ( ombre and plain) in the well-known bright colors from Aleutia. I will stay in the group till summer for sure because i expect nice dresses in those color may be. A quick post this evening. But i hope you like it.
There is also a gift for the SL Frees and Offers group, totally free.

Jacket with top: Aleutia - [Aleutia] Hannah OMBRE and plain ( free/two gg/ but group join 100ld)
Earrings: Nord Embel'Lys  - SetNord Embel'Lys  La Rose Noire Set (NEW)
Fom inventory: Hair - Magika; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; Wolf - Firestorm; jeans - Blueberry; shoes - H@s; pose first picture - Le Poppycock
Pictures made at: Les Reves Pedu
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

whiskey is a solution...?

click small picture to enlarge

Wiskey is a solution is written on the wall. A bit of a tunnel vision this sentence. You can see it this way when you are very depressed. Or you see it this way after a long period of social drinking habit with the result of addiction. But it's  a great text for the environment where tjip and Nic are. It seems to be the place to drink wiskey, other liquors or wine. It's a place where you can relax in cosy chairs, can sit behind the table and use the computer or read. You can play games or watch tv.  A real man cave. The set is made in the tunnel vision man cave from unKindness. It is a photo prop, but when you decorate it, it can be used as a secret place somewhere underground  in a city or as a skybox. Available till december 1st at Man Cave Event. In my opinion it's more then a photo prop. The long table with chairs and lights are from the gentlemens conference set, available till 30th november at The Mens Dept.
I used liquor boxes and a coffee box from Silvery K. Tv, books on the table, oil barrels and signs from Mesh India. Chairs from Salacity (with naughty poses). The cabinet and the roulette table are presents at Redeux. The lamps are from Kalopsia.  Heart rugs on the floor are oldies from Nic's inventory.

Nic is wearing a nice new set from Miss Chelsea, available at N21. You choose the color of the jacket and you get all colors of the dress in the hud. So be aware of this when you click to buy. Nic's star necklace is from Maxi Gosamer. The star earring ( not very good visible) is a present at Redeux. Nic's hair i bought at Magika in the Black Friday sale.
Tjip's vest is a present ar Redeux. His hair is new from Dura at The Mens Dept. Jeans from a fatpack at paul polo. The trainers shoes are from Vale Koer, the newest groupgift with a very good color hud.

Nic is wearing;
Hair: Magika - Magika - 01 - Empty Gold
Dress with jacket: Miss Chelsea at N21 - .miss chelsea. Edie Jacket & Dress Dark (NEW)
Earrings: [V/W] at Redeux - [V/W] Winter earring (free)
From inventory: boots - Blueberry; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; necklace - maxi Gossamer
Tjip is wearing:
Hair: Dura at TMD -  *Dura*B81-DARK (NEW)
From inventory: jeans - paul polo; body- Signature, head - ADAM; gloves - Deadwool; sweater - Ascend; Scarf - Mr. Poet (free)

Tunnel Vision Man cave: unKindness at Man Cave - uK - Tunnel Vision Photo Prop - Mancave (NEW) till dec 1st
Tables,chairs and light: unKindness at TMD -  uK - Gentleman's Conference Set - TMD (NEW) till november 30th.
Cabinet: EARTHWORX at Redeux -:.EARTHWORX.: Bedroom Furniture (free)
Roulette table: FLECHA at Redeux  - FLECHA sculpted casino roulette (free)
From inventory:  Tv, books on the table oil barrels and signs - Mesh India, lamps - Kalopsia, leather chairs - Salacity ( with poses); liquor boxes, coffee box and trays with glasses - Silvery K.
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 27, 2017

soon it will be Christmas

click small picture to enlarge

Preparations already for Christmas. Nic is wearing a comfly sweater with roses from AsHmOoT. A release at the Grab Event. The Grab Event is from 28th November  - 24th December.
The jeans is from Spirit (showed yesterday) Hope you was in time for the sale. The sale is over now.
The jewelry is new at Nord Embel'Lys. Comes with a color hud. The skin is a gift for the fabulous free group from 7 Deadly s[K]ins. The fab free group is free.
From Kaerri you can see some decor items. The deer urn decorations, the centrepiece with red birds and the centrepiece with plants. Available are also urns with owl decoration and an owl wreath.

Sweater: AsHmOoT for Grab event - AsHmOoT_A/W CoLL_Large Sweather/ Roses (NEW)
Jeans: SPIRIT - SPIRIT - Abba jeans [BLACK]
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - /Wasabi Pills/ Skyler Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack ( old FLF item)
Jewelry: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  La Rose Noire Bracelets and choker (NEW)
Eyes: UA - UA - Eyes Gray GIFT (Genesis-Lelutka-Catwa-Omega-CB) (1ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SHARA mesh skin box ( free for Fab free group members)
From inventory: Shoes- fame femme ( old gift); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Decor items for christmas: Kaerri at  Frost Fair - Kaerri Frost Fair Exclusives (New)
Red/ green boxes:  Lacrime dell'Anima at Redeux- part of Lacrime dell'Anima Xmas Talk Chair Set - Red (free)
From inventory: box with baubles - M.R.A.
Pictures taken at: Mount Pina Tubo
Bye bye, Nic

naughty but too cute to care (more Redeux gifts)

click small picture to enlarge
Waiting for the kids to come. Early preparations for Christmas time at school.
With again ( like in the post from yesterday) items from Redeux. You can see a tray with cookies, the blue elf hat at the dog, two ratcoco's, christmas sidetable (behind Nic), a tray with fruit cakes for christmas ( on the trunks) and trunks. Nic is wearing new hair from Truth, available at Uber. Comes with a styling hud. The jeans i bought at the Black Friday sale forjust 50ld.
The sweater is one of 3 versions from [UNC] at Redeux.

Taxi to Redeaux is here
Jeans: SPIRIT -  SPIRIT - Abba jeans [BLACK] (50ld in Black Friday sale)
Hair: Truth at Uber - TRUTH Farryn - Blonde (NEW)
Christmas sweater: [UNC] at Redeux [UNC] Camilla Sweater - XMAS 3 Styles (free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. at Redeux - .::WoW Skins::. Nour Bronze OMEGA Appliers (free)
Tattoo: :::DC::: at Redeux =:::DC::: Kaleidoscope Set - Tattoo (free)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Ginger bread cookie tray: **Artisan Fantasy** at Redeux - Black Friday GIFT **(free)
Rats:[UN] at Redeux -  [UN] Ratcoco - Noel Box (free)
Blue elf hat: *~ Dream Things ~*- Black Friday GIFT *~ Dream Things ~*(free)
Fruit cakes: Bee Designs - Bee Designs Fruit Cakes Gift ( free)
Christmas side table : Kitty Creations at Redeux - (KCC)  Christmas Side Table -(free)
Reindeer and christmas trees: **Simply Shelby** -Black Friday GIFT **Simply Shelby**(free)
Trunks: {Q-Essentials}at Redeux - pakking koffers Black Friday GIFT {Q-Essentials}(free)
Pictures taken at L2 Studio
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, November 26, 2017

i wanna turn you on (Redeux gifts)

click small picture to enlarge

Here i am ... waiting for you...the world out there disappears.. tell me are you exited... the universe is rocking like heaven and hell...rock on.. and let the show begin.. i wanna turn you on..
(pieces of songtexts from the Scorpions)

First we will play roulette...and then a wild ride on the motorbike.
Nic is waiting near the door in a smexy leather moto jacket dress. Available at Uber now. I love designs from ISON very very much. At the Black Friday sale i bought a dress and cardigan ( watch it outside the main shop 50% off). But then i saw Nadja today in this dress .. and i had to have this one. I couldn't resist. Nadja told me that in the fatpack there are some special colors, that you can't buy separately (for example gold). In the Black Friday sale at Truth i bought this hair. Already wanted this one. So the sale was at the right moment.
At the Redeux event (Black Friday & Cyber Monday by Redeux) i gathered yesterday at all stands presents and was an evening busy with unpacking. The tattoo, the skin, earrings and the collar are from that event. Around Nic you can see the roulette table ( it's a demo in one of the packages), the christmas tree and the cut out reindeer (i editted the parts to use them apart) from Simply Shelby, the christmas chairs from Lacrime dell'Anima ( comes with 4 red chairs with different cushions, christmas boxes and the fireplace), the joy sign ( and more signs from On a Lark), wall hearts from Mistique and the bucket with apples ( part of a gift from Del-ka Aedilis). I can recommend to go to that event, because you get very good presents.

Taxi to Redeux event here
Dress: ISON at Uber - ISON - moto jacket dress (black)(NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Bexley -  light browns(black Friday sale 50% off)
Collar: [EvelineInTheBox] at Redeux - Butterfly collar Black-Steel [EvelineInTheBox] (free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. at Redeux- .::WoW Skins::. Nour Bronze OMEGA Appliers (free)
Tattoo::::DC::: at Redeux - :::DC::: Kaleidoscope Set  - Tattoo (free)
Earrings; Ghee at Redeux - Ghee Black Friday Gift Chunky Wood earrings (free)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; shoes - REIGN; pose - Le Poppycock

Home - L2 Studio - L2 The Boathouse
Christmas tree and cut out Reindeer: Simply Shelby at Redeux -
Chairs and fireplace: Lacrime dell'Anima at Redeux -  Xmas Talk Chair Set - Red (free)
Roulette table: FLECHA at Redeux - FLECHA  Black Friday GIFT **blackjack** (free)
Bucket with apples: Del-ka Aedilis at Redeux - The Meadery Storage Goods (free)
Wall hearts: Mistique at Redeux - Mistique Wall hearts Middle ( free)
Joy sign: On a Lark at Redeux  - *OAK* Joy ( Includes also Faithand Hope with color hud)
From inventory: motorbike - part of a pose by Pose by Us
Pictures made at: L2 Studio

Saturday, November 25, 2017

wind of change ( Black Friday promo)

Take me to the magic of the moment... on a glory night...when the children of tomorrow dream away.. in the wind of change.

The wind is blowing right into Nic's face. It's cold .. the start of the winter season. But she can protect herself against the cold with her ski suit from Almut Brunswick. I met Almut because Eve asked me to come over and meet her. Eve told me she makes something that can be nice for you blog. And here it is.
The ski suit has many sizes. It covers the whole body. It comes with a cap worn on the back or on your head. The mouth protection scarf is scripted. It comes with cold breath and you can wear the scarf high or low. The pants can be worn in or over the boots. There is a fur hat and two sorts of boots.
Many possibilities!. You can buy several colors and textures. This is the red version. THIS RED ONE IS A PROMO 99ld  Till monday  12 PM SLT. Demo in the shop.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE is in many shops not only on friday; See the list of shops with sales here

Ski Suit: Almut Brunswick - or here - Almut Brunswick snow suit "Jenna" red polkadots (99ld / black friday promo till monday 12PM SLT!!!!!)
From inventory: Pose with deer - Le Poppycock; Hair - Besom; head - LeLutka; body- Maitreya; skin - LAQ
Pictures taken at: Mount Pina Tubo
Bye bye, Nic