Tuesday, October 17, 2017

the only thing i am missing now, is you...

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Early morning  near the waterfall. Enjoying the sun rays and the water drops. The mist is still hanging over the field. Beautiful with the color of the sun. But... the only thing she is missing is you....
Bite me. That's the name of the lingerie stockings and shoes from Blueberry. Got all with help from Laura for a reasonable prize at marketplace. The quality is soooo good, as always from Blueberry. You can find the gacha at Epiphany. 50ld every try. The Epiphany is op till november 15th.
In the decor you can see a nice autumn tray from[Kres], a present at the Seasons Story. The texturing from the set is very good. See below a close-up. I made a place to stand near the waterfall with tiles from a shower set from Soy.

Lingerie set: Blueberry at the Epiphany - BlueBerry Love Bit  (gacha/ each play 50ld)
Eye make-up: Zibska at the Season's Story-  Zibska [Gift] ~ Pascaline for Omega, LeLutka and Catwa (free)
From inventory: hair -Besom; body- Maitreya, head - LeLutka; skin - Wow Skins
Autumn tray: [Kres] at TSS - [Kres] Autumn Tray (free)
From inventory: tiles and table - Soy.; soap, zen stones and towels - AXL Pro; incents unKindness and Pixel Mode; hanging lamp - botanical Kris Lehman; fog - unKindness
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

cause your mine

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It's not because of alcohol that Nic is thinking "cause you are mine". It's because of the text on the cushion on the crate (" i put a spell on you") . The wine bottles are empty. In it are just lamps. They give the nice light in the crates. Also the lights from the fairy grass you can see on the pictures. I told about it in the post before this one. Behind Nic near the house you can see the Harvest Cabin Veranda from the same post. Nic is wearing two pieces from the hunt at Ever An'Angel combined with two pieces from a new release from Apple Heart Inc. at Round 165- Designer Circle  - till October 28th. The dress is from Ashmoot for the Designer Circle. On the other pictures Nic is using the bag, earrings and bracelet and ring from that set. The crescent moon necklace is from !IT! also from that event. Good color huds available ( also earrings are in the set).
From 7 Mad;Ravens are the crates and autumn frames. You can buy a crate or the set of frames. Hanging at the laundry rack from 8f8 are color changing glass bell mobiles from *::.who what.::* at TSS

Dress, ring and bracelet, necklace and glasses, earrings and another bracelet, bags, shoes, stockings: Ashmoot at DC - Asmoot ASHMOOT: DC Room ITEMS 15th - 28th Oct. (NEW/ sold separately)
Top and bell botom pants: Apple Heart at DC - Apple Heart Inc. Sue Outfit with Hud (NEW)
Necklace ( Crescent Moon) : !IT! at DC - !IT! crescent Moon necklace- Designer Circle #165 (NEW)
Trousers: Ever An'Angel- Ever An' Angel - Paisley Trousers Gathering Hunt Ever An' Angel #8(10ld/hunt)
Tan sweater: Ever An'Angel - Ever An'Angel -Tan Sweater Gathering Hunt Ever An' Angel #5
Poses: An Lar at TSS - an lar [poses] The Jane Series
From inventory: beige shoes- H@s; golden choker - Mandala, head - LeLutka (Bento/Simone); skin - Wow Skins (Amber Tan /promo); hair - Truth ( Sugar/gg)

Pillow Crates: 7mad;Ravens at Salem - 7mad;Ravens Pillow/Crate Pumpkin (NEW)
Fairy grass :LAGOM at TSS- LAGOM - FairyGrass *TSS GIFT*(FREE)
Bottle lamp: /axiety/ at TSS -  /anxiety/ catacomb bottle lamp gift (free)
Spiral glass ball mobile: *::.who what.::* at TSS - *::.who what.::* -Spiral glass ball mobile- gold *TSS GIFT*
Pictures made at la Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, October 16, 2017

what's that.... under the doormat?

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He sent a love letter ( see under the doormat). And he promissed to sent some Mon Cherie chocolats. Those chocolats with cherries inside. He is a such a seducer, the Mon Cherie man.

In the meantime Nic will do some paintwork in her new Harvest Cabin Veranda, a new groupgift at Ariskea. I made for Nic an atelier in it. With a rug, doormat and cushions from the combined hunt at Ever an Angel and Outside the Box. Search near both stores for acorns. From Outside the box are also the apples in the barrel with water.
Nic is wearing a new release from Jana&Littles SL World, a dress with a waist shirt. Comes with a colorhud for more possibilities. You also can wear the dress without the waist shirt. The necklace is from the Seasons Story as well as the leaf bracelet. The other bracelet is from the midnight mania madness from this weekend. You can still go to get the last chance item. But then you need pay a bit for it.
In the decor you can see free items from Soy. The board with posters. You can put your own pictures on the poster. I also used items for artist from BAZAR. For example the painters manequin, the color tubes and the arts chair. Other art items are from Serenity style, the easel for example.The plants are from Bazar and Soy. The table is from Nic's inventory from Eckle. Couldn't find the shop anymore.
In front of the cabin you can see fairy grass from LAGOm. It has lights above it.

Dress with waist shirt: Jana & Littles SL World - -JL- Umina Outfit (HUD) (NEW)
Necklace: Le Forge at TSS - The Forge - Jaziah's Necklace *TSS GIFT*(free)
Leaf bracelet: OXIDE at TSS - OXIDE Arlet bangle (free)
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Perseus bracelets ~MMM~ ( free / now last chance)
From inventory: skin- WoW skins (promo); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; booties - REIGN; hair - DeLa ( Elora); poses - Le Poppycock

Harvet Cabin: Ariskea - Ariskea[Harvest] Verenda Cabin Addon (free group join 75ld)
Doormat: Outside the box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #9 (10ld)
Cushion: Outside the Box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #2 (10ld)
Medallion carpet - Outside the Box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #6 (10ld)
Board with Poster on board: Soy - Soy. Notice borad [group gift] (unpacked)
Arts Chair - BAZAR - ~BAZAR~Toronto arts chair (65ld)
Painter's Manequin - BAZAR -~BAZAR~Toronto painter's manequin (15ld)
Color tubes: BAZAR -~BAZAR~Toronto color tubes (15ld)
Apple barrel: Outside the Box - OTB!  Bobbing for apples Group Gift Folder
Fairy grass: LAGOM at TSS -  *LAGOM - FairyGrass *TSS GIFT*(free)
Other arts items: Serenity Style  - Serenity Style- The artist corner full set
Desk set: [[RH]] - [[RH]] Wooden desk set (free) There is also in the shop a free bed!!!!
From inventory: Plants - Soy. and BAZAR; Table - Eckle; ladder with lights - Silvery K; dog - JIAN
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 14, 2017

autumn café ( The Season's Story 4th anniversary)

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the Orange*Pekoe shop

With presents from the 4th anniversary of the Seasons Story and with items from unKindness from collabor88 and with items from Mesh India from the gacha at the Cosmopolitans Sales room and from Harvest Moon set at Deco(c)rate October i made this autumn café
Nic is wearing a dress ( present at TSS), a necklace, eye-make up, a bracelet, a ring and a bag from TSS. Because it is such a short dress i did an applier legging from Karla's Boutque under it. Combined with the boots from Reign from Nic's inventory is it a combination for a sunny autumn day.
At the Seasons Story i met iioko. I know her already longtime. I blogged some items for her. She told me about a gacha in her shop and i she sended me the beheaded ragdoll, named Marie Antoinette. Iioko is mostly making items for Harry Potter roleplay. Her shop is at the Mischief Management sim. May be you remember that her demo's are always wearable and in orange and just 1ld? If you didn't know, then you will be astonish because you can get this total outfit with boots and socks and hair for just 1ld and the demo is waerable. Lucky we that i met iioko yesterday. This is so generous from her.

Credits: taxi to The Seasons Story (TSS) here
Dress:[I<3F] & co. at TSS - [I<3F] & co. - Dress [15] (free)
Necklace:.::Supernatural::. at TSS - .::Supernatural::.  Necklace Gift (free)
Eye make-up: Zibska at TSS Zibska [Gift] ~ Pascaline for Omega, LeLutka and Catwa (free)
Bracelet: OXIDE at TSS - OXIDE Arlet bangle (free)
Ring: TABOU. at TSS -  Crime RingTABOU. Crime Ring (free)
Bag: fame femme at TSS - *fame femme - item name *TSS GIFT* (free)
Skin: WoW Skins - .::WoW Skins::.  Amber Tan omega applier ( promo near the lucky boards/99ld)
Mecredi's Beheaded rag doll: Orange*Pekoe - Mecredi gacha ( 65ld /each play)
Outfit with hair and boots: Orange*Pekoe - Mecredi set WEARABLE DEMO (1ld)
From inventory: legging - Karla's Boutqique; boots- Reign; body Maitreya; head - LeLutka; hair - DeLa; poses - Le Poppycock

Shelves: unKindness at C88 - uK Toboggan Shelf Set (NEW)
Guitar benches: unKindness at TSS - uK - In Tuned Bench Set  Alpine (free)

Pumkin lantern: Mesh India at CSR - MI The Witches Decor (gacha/ new)
Spiderwebs: Mesh India at CSR - Mesh India The Witches Decor (gacha/new)
Leaf rugs, basket with leaves, moon pumpkin ligts, table( near the entrance), harvest frame on the wall near the door), autumn banner: Mesh India - Mesh India Deco(c)rate Harvest Moon Pack Deco(c)rate is a MadPea production.

Pots: Cherry house at TSS - {{C.H.}} Kitchenette *TSSGift* (free)
Wall frame( with the lights on the wall inside): ACORN at TSS - ACORN Shadow Box - DayDream (free)
Foxy pumpkin: Violetility at TSS Violetility - Foxy Pumpkin Gift
String lights: {what next} - Bellevie String Lights - Amber (FLF/ 50ld)

From inventory:Plants - Soy; canisters - {what next};
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 12, 2017

old Smokem's national park

She is gong to spot birds and deer in the Smokem's national park. The pictures are speaking for themselves. A camera and binocular with her and a backpack with food. This will be a beautiful day.

Nic is wearing a sexy dress , a 10ld gift at marketplace from no cabide. Comes with a hud with more colors and textures. For example creepy textures for halloween. Have a look on marketplace. And see below also one of the creepy sort of dress textures. I combine the dress with the sleeves from a set from ISON, from Nic's inventory, part of the occult jacket. The park sign and the wooden path steps ( curved and strait ) and the incline steps and the trail sign are all from the gacha from unKindness at gacha Guardians (Gacha Guardians runs from October 1st to October 31st).The rules have changed for this round. Formerly you could receive any one of two items per 20 pulls, now it is just a single Gift of the Guardian.

Dress: No Cabide - ::No Cabide :: Morgana FitMesh Dress + HUD 20 Models (10ld)
Necklace: [GILD] for MOH - MOH10@Gild_Key necklace  (free)
From inventory: Sleeves - ISON ( Occult); head - LeLutka; body- Maitreya; skin - Dulce Secrets; boots - Essenz ( Pennsylvania); hair - Stealthic

Park items : unKindness for Gacha Guardians -uk - Old Smokem's Park Gacha - Guardians
From inventory: Camera - ANE; Binocular - .:.*{S.G}*.:.; squirrel - Get Stuff
Pictures made at:  Snuggles Forest
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

nerd (MOH Hunt)

Sorry girls, but again a male blogpost. I promiss you that the next post will be a post with Nic again.
The MOH hunt items are: the polo shirt, the key necklace ( on one of the pictures) and the shoes. Tjip is wearing a jeans ( from [R] 360) and glasses ( from Sorgo) from his inventory.
His hair is another one from Stealthic combined with side hair from the hair from the post from yesterday  from Stealthic. You can wear the top hair ofcourse with just a hair base on the sides. Also cool.
The shoes hunt item ( the moustache) is very difficult to find in the shop. I give a little help here to make it easier. Walk strait ahead from where you land and look under something in that shop. Pay attention to a smiley.

Polo: [ZEX] for MOH - [ZEX] Emilio - Polo shirt / SHADED SPRUCE (free)
Pose second picture: grafica for MOH - grafica ~ gwrido (MOH10)(free)
Necklace: [GILD] for MOH - MOH10@Gild_Key necklace (free)
Shoes: PBM for MOH - PBM Sneakers [SKOOL] Worn Special Edition (free)
Top hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Hysteria (B&W)
Side hair: Stealthic - part of Stealthic Like Lust ( (B&W)
From inventory: glasses - Sorgo; body - Signature; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; head - ADAM; book - No Concept
Pictures made at: Dystopia
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

with the northwest wind old things go

As promissed more from the Men Only Hunt (running this month). The jacket with shirt is a gift at Aitui and the necklace from etham, the beard is from Body Mod.  All from the MOH hunt. Search the moustache. And don't forget to go to Altamura. There you can get a free full body and head bento avatar on this hunt. This is the chance for those who still couldn't buy a bento avatar. Do it because many clothes are made for bento avatars now and more in the future.
Tjip is wearing hair from Steathic. There are three male hairs there that i want buy for tjip. This one has also side hair. The top hair you can use with or without the side hair. The other hairs that i want buy don't have the side hair, but those are also cool with this side hair. The top hair has a styling hud. So the top hair can have another look.

Jacket and shirt: Aitui for MOH - AITUI - The Gentleman - Charcoal, Print (free)
Beard: Body Mod  for MOH - BODY MOD - Rollo Beard - Black/Tintable (free)
Necklace: etham for MOH - etham MOH10 gift ( free)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Like Lust (B&W)
From inventory: Shoes - paul polo; body - Signature; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]Ins; head Adam
Pictures made at De*cid*u*ous
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, October 9, 2017

i told her...


I told her (Dancer) ....that i am not such a Halloween fan, because we get so much advertising for Halloween  in sl. An overwhelming amount. And also many weeks before it realy is Halloween.
I told her (Nic) .....to stay away from Halloween things. But see what happened, she ignored it. Nic's head  is hit by an axe ( who did it?) and they the dumped her in a corner and finally she is laying dead on the stretcher. Below more scenes....as if she is in an Asylum. Although the scenes are cruel or sad, it was fun to make the pictures, i confess.

I got this spookyboo lingerie gift from H@s. Comes with the Axe. The lingerie has 2 huds. One for the bra and pantie  and one for the stockings and garters. You can very quick hide and wear the lingerie parts. Straps or no straps for the bra included. And with the huds you can influence transparency and intensity etc. Group join just 10ld.
In the We Love To Blog bloggers group, i got the horror room from Salacity. New at the Mad Circus 3 Event. A halloween and gacha fair. Ends 31st October. Also 10ld gifts at the fair. There are 26 solo animations (13 male, 13 female) and 4 pairs/couple animations in the Horror Room.
Nic is wearing from the same event a tattoo from Lush. It has appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Belleza and Lola's Tango
I used old hair with blood stains from Alice Project with bangs from Truth. The smeared make-up is from  MMC. An old gift, not available in the shop. But...  i went to the shop and discovered a pumpkin hunt with for example the black applier body suit with a sort of bat model ( every item 20ld) and on marketplace i saw from MMC a nice sexy applier bodysuit (10ld).
Nic is sitting at the Salacity horror bed in her black lingerie. The bed is also available at Mad Circus 3 ( with many animations)

Orange lingerie: H@s on the square in a cemetry building - Spookyboo lingerie ( free/ group join 10ld)
Tattoo: Lush at Mad Circus 3 - - Lush - Til Death Do Us Part - Tattoo (NEW)
Choker: Luas at SaNaRae -  Luas Cute Witch Choker Gift (free)
Black body suit: MMC - .:MMC:. The Pumpkin #1 (20ld/hunt)
Black body suit: MMC - .:MMC:. Sheilla BodySuit (4 colors) - Omega Appliers (10ld)
From inventory; Hair - Alice Project ( old Halloween gifts); bangs - Truth; head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; black hair - Truth; smeared make up - .:MMC:. (old gift)

Horror Room: Salacity at Mad Circus 3 - Salacity Horror Room (NEW)
Bed: Salacity  at Mad Circus 3 - Salacity  Horror bed ( NEW)
Skeletons: Aleymart - part of skeleton coffin (free)
Wheel chair Patient: The Wetmore group - Wheel chair patient
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, October 8, 2017

let's go play darts (MOH hunt)

A good idea.. not just sitting ..but also doing something to have a good time. Tjip found a darts board in the home.

Both are wearing the same warm fluffy shawl from ::K:: from the MOH hunt. The darts board is also from that hunt and the huge pumpkins. Tjip's pose near the window is another MOH gift. Tjip will show you more in the next days. Go to the Flair for Events office ( here) to get the hud. With that hud you can tp to all the stores. You have a month to get everything. Search a moustache.
Tjip's suit is a groupgift from Lupus Femina. Two suits there. This one combines the best with Nic's outfit: the coat with shirt from Hilly Haalan. Comes with a hud for more beautiful options. It is a super promo for just 75ld. Not bad hey!! Thanks Laura for the tip.

Important info for guy's at Akeruka you can get a free bento head at the moment ( group join is 150ld / affordable prize for a bento head guys!)

Nic is wearing:
Coat with shirt:Hilly Haalan -  [hh] Teagan Loose Jacket/Sweater Set (promo/75ld)
Leather pants: Ricielli -R.icielli - ADALIA Leather Pants( for 15ld you can get an old hunt leather pants in this color)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz Glasgow (Sand)
Shawl: ::K:: for MOH - ::K:: Fluffy Scarf Homme/Femme MOH10 (free)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Louisa) ; Head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya, skin - Laq;

Tjip is wearing: Suit: Lupus Femina - "Lupus Femina" True Gentleman - (free)
Shawl: ::K:: for MOH - ::K:: Fluffy Scarf Homme/Femme MOH10 (free)
Pose: grafica for MOH - grafica ~ gwrido (MOH10) (free)
Pumpkins: Le Poppycock for MOH - part of pose Le Poppycock *Oh My Gourd* MOH10 (free)
Darts Board:[Bad Unicorn] for MOH - [Bad Unicorn] Darts Board (MOH10 ONLY) (free)
From inventory: Body - Signature; hair -Dura; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; head - Adam; shoes - COCO (old)
Pictures made at: De*cid*u*ous
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 7, 2017

no drunkard... just visiting a good blues club

A good stop during a walk with the dogs. No tjip isn't a drunkard. Only his suit has that name. He is visiting this club to listen to very good dj's with blues music. It's the Black Alley Blues Club. Ofcourse he also takes something to drink. Yesterday i discovered this club, because i met an old friend from my beginning years in sl, Ramel Markova. She is one of the dj's here. Since she tp-ed me there. I write my blogposts with the music from this club at the background. I love many sorts of music. Old Classic Rock, Jazz, Raggea, Blues, Classic music or music that you hear much these days ..i love it all.. depends on my mood.
So when tjip got this suit from [Gild] from the Realtor's suit set gacha ( for Drunkards), i knew a good environment for the pictures. Each try at the gacha there is 75ld. But when you win a suit like this it is very affordable. I got this grey suit and the blue tie ( and sigh.. a tie for around his head, when he realy gets drunk...hmmm). Love the loose style of the suit. See for example the back part on the picture below.

Suit and tie: [Gild] at Kinfes! ( at Baroqued ) - common2 Sig [Gild] The Realtor's suit for _Gray (75ld each play)
Blue tie: [Gild] at Kinfes! ( at Baroqued ) - common 5 [Gild] Tie for suit_Blue ( gacha/75ld each play)
From inventory: Dogs - AMU ( marketplace); body - Signature; head - Adam; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; hair - Argrace ( Hayate); shoes - paul polo
Pictures taken at: the Black Alley Blues Club
Bye bye, Nic

love is the opening door

click small pictures to enlarge

In her apartment she would love to invite you for a romantic diner with friends at her new Venetian dinner table. And later on together we go sit in the big chair near the fireplace.The table is ready for four persons. The weather is grey outside, but inside it's warm and cosy.

The apartment from Pixel Mode  i decorated with modern and antique furniture. The modern Venetia set ( the table, the side table, the fireplace with clock and the crystal lamps) is available at Swank. Each piece sold separately.  From [Circa] are the rugs, the  candelabres, the Victorian bench and the picture on the wall. These are gifts in the Twisted Hunt at [Circa]. A difficult hunt mostly. So you have to search hard in that shop. Useful for a halloween decor too.  From Salacity at The Darkness Event  are the ottoman and the big leather chair. Comes with all sorts of poses ( PG and Adult version)  From unKindness you see a writing desk and more items from the Poe's Writing Desk Set at Salem ( October 1st -October 31st). You can buy a full set or a writing accessorie set or the writing desk and chair set. The books are from the Victorian Book Stand gacha (now in the mainshop). Other free decor items are the plant in old pot and the Venus statue, gifts at Rustica.

And sorry today no free clothes. Nic was wearing this sexy dress from Addams (once bought half prize with free credits) when i started decorating. Had no time to search for clothes for you. But i like to show you this.The jewelry with butterflies are oldies from Nic's inventory, available in the mainshop. The shoes are from the serie groupgifts in many colors from N-Core. Free but group join fee.

Dress: Addams - Addams // Aurora BabyDoll // N*6
Necklace: !IT! - !IT! - Pretty Butterfly
Bracelet: !IT! - !IT! Cute Butterfly Bracelet
Shoes: N-Core - N- Core Strappy heels nude ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair - [Doux],; head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Plant and Venus Statue - Rustica - Rustica mesh houseplant and Venus Statue ( free)
Rugs, candelabres, bench; [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] Blog Pkg - "Spector Hill" Sitting Set - Twisted Hunt'17
Dining set: Kaerri at Swank - Kaerri full Venetia dining set (NEW)
Desk and more: unKindness  at Salem - uk - Poe's Writing Desk Set - Salem (NEW)
Books and more: unKindness - uk - Victorian Book Stand Gacha - Lootbox September
Leather chair and ottoman: Salacity at the Darkness - Salacity - The Darkness Oct 17 (NEW)
From inventory: Apartment - Pixel Mode ( Chestnut Street Apartment); potted palm - AXL Pro; fur rug - *SW*; plant on Desk - Soy.;

Friday, October 6, 2017

don't come too close.....

Danger.. don't come too close.. she can bite or scratch...
On the first picture she hides her dracula teeth. On the other picture she is showing already her nails. So watch from a distance and see her clothes. Old hunt gifts at CroM. By accident i came in that shop. I met good old Lauren Hennah, who always follows my blog, to show her the blue gown from the post before this one already. She was wearing the black sequin dress. And although the model is a bit from 2015, she looked elegant. We went to CroM to see if it was still available and at first glance we didn't find the dress. Later on with help from the designer i discovered the old hunt gifts wall ( we must have been blind). The sequin dress is now 50ld, but affordable isn't it? I also like the purple dress, an old gift for 45ld now. In the shop you can hit the subscribe-o-matic and get a totally free dress. So for everyone a deal. And the wall has more old hunt gifts even for 25ld.
Nic is wearing hair from .Olive. from the Midnight Mania combined with the hairy neko ears, a gift at SaNaRae from BarberYumYum . The choker is also available at SaNaRae. The lace and cat arm tattoo is from Carol G. Tattoo for the SL Frees&Offers group. The shoes are a gift at Legendaire for the SL Frees&Offers group (for slink feet only)
In the decor: pumpkin baskets, Fifty Linden Friday items from Hive. Black and white pumpkins and the candles are from SaNaRae.

Black dress: CroM - -CroM- Fanny Sequin Dress - in black and red (50ld)
Purple Dress: CroM -  -CroM- Oriana - Dress - Purple (45ld)
Black Hair: .Olive. - .Olive. the Berry Hair - *MM* FATPACK (free)
Red hair: .Olive. - .Olive. the Twirl Hair - Redheads (free)
Hairy ears: BarberYumYum at SaNaRae - *barberyumyum*nekomimi(SNR) (free)
Shoes: LEGENDAIRE B- LEGENDAIRE BRENDA HEELS for Sl Frees & Offers group slink only( free)
Choker:  Luas at SaNaRae -  Luas Cute Witch Choker Gift
Tattoo: Carol G. - Cats And Lace Arms [CAROL G] (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; red bang - Truth

Baskets with pumpkins: hive // - hive // basket of mini pumpkins . spilled set (FLF/50ld)
Candles: Yokai at SaNaRae - Yokai - Candles in 3 colors GIFT (free)
Black/white pumpkin: [Kres] at SaNaRae - [Kres] Secret Sanctuary - Group Gift (free)
Abandonned doll carriage -[Noctis}]; bench - [Noctis]
From inventory: doll - !gO!;
Pictures taken at: St John Woods  home of [Noctis]
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 5, 2017

is it true?

Is it true? Will he come and dance? She is ready and waiting and reading it again.
The dress is perfect for a romantic dance. Isn't she looking beautiful?

Nic is wearing a dress from .AiShA. You can get it for free at the Fallen Gods Inc sim. There is a market Flesh for Fantasy+skins with more gifts. The pumpkins are a free gift at Imeka.
The Morocco pergola is from Bazar. The sofa and tables, plants all is from Bazar.
Nic is wearing again the necklace from !IT! and the bracelet from OXIDE. See posts before this one. Her hair is from Truth from some time ago from a gacha.

Dress: .AiShA. - .AiShA. Olivia Dress Klein GIFT IPPOS COLLECTIVE (free)
Pumpkins: Imeka - {Imeka} Pumpkin *Group Gift*(free)
Hair: Truth - 13. TRUTH Ice [Black & Whites]
Morocco pergola and more: Bazar 
From inventory: Necklace - !IT!, bracelet - OXIDE; body - Maitreya, head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ
Pictures taken at: Silk 'n' Crops
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

female cave ( Gimme Gacha Presents)

click small picture to enlarge

In her female cave. A very primitive barn i should say. It's autumn but still warm. May be the last day there. Her bed has a warm fur. Her clothes are drying on the line. The romper isn't very warm but the leg warmers are cosy.
The cabin is a gift at Junk Food. The table, stool, bed and hanging clothes are all from mushilu for the Lootbox event ( ends 20th October)
The dress i bought from the new groupgift giftcard at Alien Gizmo. Valid till Oct 04. So i hope you can be in time. Nic's hair is again from .Olive. The tattoo is a groupgift from Carol G. Tattoo Wear. Group join is 150ld. But there are several groupgifts. Affordable prize for so many tattoo's
The legwarmers are a gift at the Gimme Gacha ( the Gacha Guardians). The socks are for flat, mid and high feet from Maitreya. The leaf choker ( see close up below) is also from that event and several other decor items.

Taxi to Gimme Gacha (GG) is here 

Hair: .Olive. - .Olive. the Kelly Hair - Blondes (free/LB)
Romper: Alien Gizmo's -Alien Gizmo's Jasmine Romper RED ( with giftcard valid till oct 4
Collar: [Since1975] at GG - [Since1975] Leaf Collar Accessories (in gold and silver)(free)
Legwarmer: -NOeditiON at GG -NOeditiON- Bento Leg Warmers GG (free)
Necklace: !IT! -  !IT! - Designer Circle #164 (NEW)
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo Wear - Roses Skull Back [CAROL G] ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: shoes - COCO; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; Pose - Le Poppycock ; bracelet - OXIDE (free at SaNaRae)

Bed, stool, table and clothes line: mushilu at Lootbox - Krimilda Blogger Lootbox.Mushilu
Pumpkin fantasy plant: "Moon_Sha" at GG"Moon_Sha" Pumpkins Fantasy Plant - (free)
Heart shelf: irrie's Dollhouse at GG  - i { DH } Floral Heart Shelf Gift (free)
Big acorns - [PR] at GG - [PR] Big Acorns - Group Gift (free)
Pumpkin basket: Bee Designs at GG - Bee Designs fun Halloween Gift (free)
Kitty Wreath: .TeaBunny.  at GG - .TeaBunny. Kitty Wreath (free)
Happy Autumn Frame -  Velvet Whip at GG - [V/W] Velvet Whip Gifts Guardians OCT(free)
Tree with bat house: Kei Spot at GG - Batty Bat House ByR! (Gift) (free)
Barn: Junk Food - Junk Food - Castle Byers (free)
Fence: Schadenfreude at SaNaRae - Schadenfreude Pointy Fence for SaNaRae (free)
From inventory: Cats - (FD); Lantern - NsB
Pictures taken at: Neva River
Bye bye, Nic