Monday, October 8, 2012

a sweet monday morning

About the shirt from Nic:
[23:17] Porcorosso Ackmann: Hello!
[23:17] Porcorosso Ackmann: Do you report today?
[23:17] Nicandra Laval: hello mean on the blog?

[23:19] Nicandra Laval: i go report today on the blog
[23:19] Nicandra Laval: new shirt from Chronokit released today
[23:19] Porcorosso Ackmann: ok
[23:19] Porcorosso Ackmann: It is splendid!
[23:19] Nicandra Laval: you know the shop chronokit?
[23:20] Porcorosso Ackmann: There is the product which I want to introduce to you
[23.21] Nicandra Laval: hehe i am just wearing it...just got it from Kit Pizzicato, the designer.
The shirts comes in many colors/ stripes/ plain/dots and the quality is as always more then outstanding.

About what Porco is wearing:

[23:26] Nicandra Laval: your blazer is super cool
[23:26] Porcorosso Ackmann: hehhe
[23:26] Nicandra Laval: from what shop?
[23:26] Porcorosso Ackmann: This is my new item

[23:29] Porcorosso Ackmann: I found this recently
[23:29] Porcorosso Ackmann: It is a very superior product
[23.30] Nicandra Laval: aaah it is from Gabriël. I know it now ...i saw it on the Gabriël blog.

About the hair:

[23:30] Porcorosso Ackmann: Dura-Boy
[23:30] Nicandra Laval: yeah i saw )))
[23:30] Nicandra Laval: very good
[23:30] Nicandra Laval: i will picture  us here
[23:31] Porcorosso Ackmann: hehhe
[23:31] Porcorosso Ackmann: ok

About dancing:

[23:43] Porcorosso Ackmann: You are too busy
[23:44] Nicandra Laval: lol
[23:44] Porcorosso Ackmann: I cannot invite you to a dance!!!
[23:44] Porcorosso Ackmann: hehhe
[23:44] Nicandra Laval: you can :)
And there we dance on a sweet monday morning .

Shirt Nic: Chronokit - *chronokit* Shirts 04 PolkaDot Black (NEW!)
Suit Porco: Gabriël - ::GB:: Rollup casual suit
Shoes Porco: Gabriël - ::GB::  Mesh Boat shoes ( free/groupgift)
Hair Porco: Dura - Dura-Boy37
Clutch: NC paris: NCparis Clutch Glam ( groupgift - new- free
From inventory: Skirt - not so bad

And to show you how perfectly detailed the shirt is, here a close-up

Have a sweet monday, Nic

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