Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ascot hats

At Ascot racecourse. Ascot is the world most famous horse racecourse with a history of horse racing spanning 300 years. It is a major event in the British social calendar and press coverage of the attendees and what they are wearing often exceeds coverage of the actual racing.There are 3 enclosures attended by guests on Royal Ascot week.
Those in the Royal Enclosure have the options of fine dining and hospitality, and a selection of bars.
The dress code is strictly enforced. For women, only a day dress with a hat is acceptable, with rules applying to the length and style of the dress. In addition, women must not show bare midriffs or shoulders.

That in mind, Nic and Dancer thought a horse racecourt is a good scenery to show their new found hats.
Nic wears hats from The Prettiest Informal Hunt. Hunt Date: October 1 st – October 30th. You need find a lipstick.
Dancers hat with the candle is from the Bewitched Hunt at the Mad Hattery (runs from october 1 - october 31. A gridwide hunt. You need find a broom. Every broom is 1ld.
The hat with the clock is from a hunt, that  already ended. But it is a good example of the super nice hats of that store: the Mad Hattery. Go have a look in that shop. Many very cute detailed hats.
Nic's dress is from Mohna Lisa Couture a promo on marketplace and just 1ld. The skirt part has sparkles.

Dress: Mohna Lisa Couture- *MLC* Lil Black Dress:by Mohna Lisa Couture  PROMO SPECIAL(1ld)
Hat with rose and tulips: The Mad Hattery - # 29 The Mad Hattery  .. Prettiest in Formal ( free)
Hat with black and white pillbox: The Mad Hattery - # 29 The Mad Hattery Prettiest in Formal ( free)
Hat with book: The Mad Hattery - BWH #49 The Mad Hattery (free)
Here a real life picture with a gorgeous fluffy hat at Ascot. Watch her fluffy clutch bag so cute
What designer has such a hat for Nic?

Bye bye, Nic

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