Saturday, October 6, 2012

antique brass and monster gatcha Festival

scroll down for monster gatcha festival

The color for this week for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge from Luna Jubilee is Antique Brass a sort of brown. A beautiful color. But it is hard to find exactly the right shade. It is a sort of skin color so i could have portrayed Nic naked  with  just her boots on but i couldn't find a fig leaf . No... just kidding, i didn't want to go naked, because i wanted show some clothings and other stuff. We talked about going sort of naked this week, because Luna loves to portrait her avatar like that often. But no ..that is her style ..and a very beautiful style in my opinion..but Nic has her own style. ( beautiful too? ;))

Because Nic's sweater from AlaFolie for The Runway Perfect Hunt ( 1 oct- 31 oct) has many brown shades, the Antique Brass shade must be in it  somewhere. The jewelry with the flowers from Tres Beau ( also from the Runway Perfect Hunt) fit nice because of the flower pattern and the brown color.
Then a golden oldie, my Kyoot corduroy mini in nutty brown. Nic wanted to buy the new boots from Maitreya to go with all, but oh they are a bit expensive. She couldn't AGAIN ask her boss to change the rl money in lindens. But the Radical boots from inventory belong still to her favorites. So she will wait and in a few days get those other gorgeous new boots from Maitreya.

The hair is in discount for the group only at the Hinako Hair main store. To join the group is now lesser expensive... from 250l now 100ld. And the hair is for 1 set of 4 colors from 250ld to 39ld. Fatpack from 599ld to 120ld. Good deal isn't it? And i think it is a sweetie with the curled lock of hair along the cheek. And it has a small lock of hair like a tail on top.

And then.. oh my goodness i found this total set in the right color.
Love it. It is from Paradisis at Marketplace and at an affordable prize. Already long time i know the Paradisis shop. Even from the neko period from Kizu. Still have a neko outfit (with a checkered skirt and ragged stockings)  from looooong ago from her in my inventory. And woohoo i am in her bloggers group now. Thanks Kizu.
On this last picture Nic also shows you a bag and bangles from the Runway Perfect Hunt from CHG Fashion

Hair:  Hinako - ::HINAKO Hair evol2:: ( 39ld for group)
Sweater: Alafolie - TRPH3 #17 AlaFolie ( free)
Jewelry: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "Petale", Runway Perfect Hunt ( free)
Bag and bangles last picture: CHG Fashion - TRPH3 #06 CHG Fashion (female)
Sweater set: Paradisis - PARADISIS Agnes : Camel ( not-mesh) (95 ld)
From inventory: Skirt: Kyoot and jeans skirt Calypso

Pictures made at the new location of Paradisis here. Congrats Tizu! Many freebies there near the entrance too!!( not- mesh)
And a mini hunt. Each week untill 31 October hunt  a pumpkin to get an outfit.

What is left to say?
Just got the message about the monster gatcha festival ( oct 1 - nov 1) here
For 39ld you can get this hair from Hinako for example.CUTE!!!!! So Gatcha lovers , run!
Pose: LePoppycock - Le Poppycock what is left to say A
Hair: Hinako Hair at monster gatcha festival - ::HINAKO Hair beryl-Ribbon*::Mocha ( 39ld)

And i am totally in love with this new Dura hair ( released 1 october)
Took ofcourse the color irish coffee for the ColorChallenge! And here already  a bit halloween sphere too.

Hair: Dura - *Dura-Girl*40(Irish Coffee)

Hope you read this all because there is many info in this post , Nic  ;)


Rudhmellowen said...

Wow Nic I love the laid back look you have in these pictures... the girlie gorgeousness that the autumn tones have are really pretty on you! LOVE IT

Sama Yalin said...

Wow so many outfits again! Love all of them, autumn color really suit you :)

Unknown said...

I love these photos, so beautiful and peaceful. Great job, Nic!

Unknown said...

Nice pics, make me love Fall

TWISTMY Gears said...

VERY cute

Fledge said...

The colour is spot on in your second outfit but I like the first set better - gorgeous boots, and I like the detail in the top and the matching flower jewellery :)

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