Wednesday, October 3, 2012

he is a bit shy

Tjip shows you the new subscribe-o-gift from FATEwear. Super made this red mesh sweater Vinnie. How it folds to the body is gorgeous. The sweater just arrived when tjip was online this evening for  a shoot from his other clothings from Splendeurs Surfwear. Two promo's on marketplace. Each 60ld. The set with the jeans has 5 jeans versions, a surfnecklace, summershoes (not shown) and  underwear.. The bermuda set includes 2 shorts versions, the weave bracelets and flipflops. The sets from Splendeur is non mesh. And why is tjip a bit shy? Well for the first time he shows underwear.
Thanks Maus for finding the Splendeur sets.

Red sweater: FATE wear - FATEwear Shirt - Vinnie - Volcano ( free)
Jeans outfit: Splendeurs Surfwear -!! SPLENDEURS !! Outfit Nr. 20 Risk Sweater ( 60ld)
Bermuda set: Splendeurs Surfwear - !! SPLENDEURS !! Pipeline Masters Complete Outfit (60ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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