Tuesday, September 19, 2017

first customer

click small pictures to get a larger overview from both sides of the shop

In the post before this one, i showed already items from the PocktGacha from unKindness. Now i builded the whole shop with the attributes. It was hell of a job to place all the items. But i am happy with the result. So cute this sweet shop /café ! I love the macaron chairs and all the yummie items. When you touch the rack with donuts on the counter, you get 3 sorts of wearable donuts. Before one of the windows i placed linnens from the CountryLivin gacha from unKindness. The plants are from {what next} and Soy.
Nic is wearing a skirt and shirt from ::UNA:: available at Liaison Collaborative. Comes in many colors. The low neck cutout is nice for Nic's job in the shop The waitress mobcap is from the sexy maid outfit from Kib Designs ( posted before on the blog). Shoes from H@s ( old groupgift free/availablein the shop/ group join 10ld). The black white necklace is  from CentoPallini at marketplace.

Mihaly assisted today on the blog. He assisted sometimes long ago. He got a make over and he is a real hipster gentleman now. His clothes and shoes are from [Deadwool]. Mesh head from Catwa (Justin) . Skin - NIVARO; Hair - no.match ( no.kiss)

Dress: ::UNA:: at Liaison Collaborative - Lana .LIason Collaborative 8th (NEW)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Miss Dottie White (10ld)
Nails: Moondance Boutique - Moondance Boutique Pearlescent Nails Fat Pack Nail Applier (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  for 68 Main 9th the Event  - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Kelly (NEW)
Necklace : CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* 101 NECKLACE SET (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - [monso]; body - Maitreya;  head - LeLutka; mocap - Kib Designs

Sweets shop/ café: unKindness for PocketGacha - uk - La confiserie Gacha Set - Pocket Gacha ( each lay 75ld)
Curtains: unKindness - uk - CountryLivin Gacha - Gacha Garden
From inventory: dog - Jian; plants - Soy. and {what next}; lanterns - {what Next}; basket with donuts- StoraxTree
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, September 18, 2017

yummie autumn high tea

 click small pictures to enlarge

These tea time yummie bakery items and the cute cups and teapots are so cool. I love it. They are from two gacha's, a gacha at Whimsical (Tea Time Delights Gacha) and the Pocketgacha, La confiserie Gacha (told about that one yesterday/ easy playing gacha with a hud.. no laggy events). All items are from unKindness. The pocket gacha from unKindness has all sweet items and chairs and dispays to build a shop. Rare item is the shop. 38 commons 4 rares. I used from that gacha the cupcakes in a box, the macarons, candy apples in gold and the marvelous yummie choco tower cake.
Can't we do a SL Bakery contest for designers like the Great British Bake Off?
From the other gacha i used  the teapots, the tea time delight candles, the cups and the cup stacks. I love that china teapot, the cups with a twist and the curled tea cup ear. So well made. Watch the cupcake in the stack of cups. Love all those details. The gacha is just 35ld each play!
Nic is wearing a groupgift dress from Kaithleen's . Come is pink and soft blue. Sweet colors for a table with sweets. Her hair is the wild hair from Monso, because an high tea outside in autumn comes with a bit wind.

Dress: Kaithleen's  - Kaithleen's 3000 members gift ( free)
Hair - [monso] - [monso] My hair  HyunA
Shoes: [BREATHE] - [BREATHE]-Lola Heels-FATPACK (free/ old groupgift still there)

Tea time items: unKindness at Whimsical- uk - Tea Time Delights Gacha - Whimsical (New/ each play 35ld!!!!!!)
Sweets: unKindness for pocket gacha /hud here - uk - La confiserie Gacha Set - Pocket Gacha (New/ each play 75ld)
Table and chairs and bench: dust bunny- dust bunny. autums calling ( gacha)
Hedera caravan with lace curtains pergola: dust bunny - wanderlust caravan (gacha)
From inventory: lantern - NsB; leafs on ground- Simply Shelby
Pictures taken at: Getsuga
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 17, 2017

where do you go my lovely

 click small pictures to enlarge

Where do you go ..i wanne know...where do you go in your fantasy .. are you feeling the warmth of the sun?  Hearing the sitars playing? I wanne be with you in your dreams...

India is the destination in her dream today. The building, the pottery, the rose petal boxes, the fountains, frame decor with lights and more are all in the Andal Home Gacha from Mesh India,  released for the Pocket Gacha event. 6 comons and 1 rare. Each play is 65 L full set is 1200 L. You probably heard of the PocketGacha already! You play the gacha with a hud. No lag, no crowded sims, no waiting time- just attach the gacha HUD  and play away! This round will be available until October 14th, go get your own portable gacha device today!Get the hud here
The square in the home is open. Around the square is a roofed corridor where you can walk.
In the decor also some items from unKindness, the brass singing bowl, palm incents burner and meditation candles from the yoga gacha. From Mesh India also items from the Food Gacha
Super cute are the walking monkeys ( walk in a range from 5X5). Found them at marketplace.

Nic is wearing hair from Exile again. A relatively new one in the shop. The jewelry is from Moondance Jewels for the XXX Event. There is a collar also in the set,an open Collar/RLV Scripted . The dress from Marquesse, avaiable at the Designer Circle, 163rd Round -  17 September - 30 September 2017.

Nic is wearing:
Hair: Exile - Exile - Shape of You - Blondes (relatively NEW)
Outfit: [Marquesse] at DC 163 [Marquesse] Casablanca Teal (NEW)
Jewelry: Moondance at XXX Event  -Moondance Jewels Bound Butterfly Adult Set(Wear to Unpack)
From inventory: Shoes - Elysium ( Flavia sandals); Head - LeLutka, Skin - Glam Affair; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; yoga pose - Foxy(old gift); eye make-up Zibska ( old Ultra Gift)

Building and more: Mesh India for pocketgacha - MI Andal Home Decor Gacha (NEW)
Food and table: MI Indian Food Gacha ~(gacha)
Incents burner  and more: unKindness - uk - Yoga Studio Set (gacha)
Monkeys: Rainy Days - Animated mesh monkey ( 35ld)
From inventory: cushion pile - Sassy Kitty Designs
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, September 16, 2017

your happiness is my happiness

click small picture to enlarge

Happy with the new summer room at my home location. Was that selfie ok? Nic is checking the picture.
Bamboo and beige color shades in the new room. It was an exposition room but i changed it yesterday. And why search for a location for the photo shoot from their new clothes when this room is ok. Tjip is wearing a beautiful summer suit from the Hipster Mens Event. No free outfit this time for him,because i wanted him to match with Nic's dress.  But his shoes are still free at Gabriel.
Well okay then. On a picture alone below, you can see a free outfit for tjip from Shea Designs, a groupgift. There are also lucky boards with sometimes this set in another color. The set is a one piece. One click and you wear jeans and sweater.
Nic's dress is from Jana&Littles SL World. Comes with a color hud. You can change the dress, the belt and the straps. I loved this color. Nic is wearing free shoes from Belle Epoque, a gift at The Arcade.

Nic is wearing:
Dress: Jana&Littles SL world - -JL- Nora Mini Dress
Shoes - Belle Epoque at The Arcade - Belle Epoque { L'amour Courtois } White Shoes (free)
From inventory: hair - DeLa; head - LeLutka (bento/ Simone); Skin - Laq; body - Maitreya

Tjip is wearing:
Suit: [Gild] at XXX  Hipster Mens Event - [Gild] Easy suits set beige ( NEW)
Shoes - Gabriel -::GB::Driving shoes BROWN (free/ still available)
Phone: [kunst] - [ kunst ] - kPhone 3 / Metal (old L'Homme readers gift/ there is a necklace gift now)
Outfit : Shea Designs - Shea Designs Groupgift male (free)
From inventory: hair -Argrace (Takumi); Head - Adam ; Body- Signature; Skin - 7 Deadly Skins; watch - (paul polo); armband - Tabou (old L'Homme readers gift)

Dresser with birds: BellaRose Furniture - [BR] Vintage Chirp Dresser
Hanging plant: Ariskea - Ariskea [Wild]  Boho Plant hanger
Hanging chair: .:M.Law:. - .:M.Law:. Ikea Hanging Chair three (gacha)
From inventory: Spider plant - Cube Republic; little stool - Big Bully ; dog - JIAN; lounger - {vespertine}; chees plant -{what next}; Drink- Knot&co; Ratan table - Pixel Mode
Pose: .Swirl Poses. - .Swirl poses. Couple Selfie ( 1ld)
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, September 15, 2017

let's go boy


Skater pup and skater girl ready to go.
Nic is wearing a smexy leather jacket from Pixicat for Fifty Linden Friday. Comes with and without the shirt. For the shirt there is a color hud. This is the bloom top and you also have a bloom halloween top.
Nic is wearing wide pants. It's a 10ld gift in the Alb Dream Fashion shop. You need not be in the group.
Under the pants the Fifty Linden Friday shoes from Reign. September sneakers with a braided sole.
Sorry i forgot to change Nic's hair. Was busy decorating my home location.
In the decor you see items from Mesh India. The suitcases, the let's go sign post and the departure sign board above the entrance from the metro. Gacha items from Mesh India at the aQua Event. Round ends on September 24th. In the gacha are ofcourse more items to gain.

Jacket: Pixicat - -Pixicat- Bloom.Jacket - Leather (50ld/FLF item)
Pants: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB NANA pants D high / flat - SLink Maitreya Belleza - AnaLee
From inventory: Hair - Exile ( On the go); head- LeLutka; body - maitreya; Skin - LAQ; Board - Bad Unicorn

Travel decor items: Mesh India at aQua -MI Travel Decor Gacha ( gacha / each play 55ld)
Pictures made at: INSTRUMENTS
Bye Bye, Nic
Thanks to Dancer for the tip about the pants.

life is a beach... watch out for the crabs

click small picture to enlarge

Some groupgifts at Safira i discovered, a shop at the sim from Scandalize. For me the shop is new. I hope for you the gifts are also new, although it are may be oldies. In the groupgifts are tops, skirts, jumpsuits, dresses and necklaces. Some of the clothes are just for Slink, but also gifts for the Maitreya body are there. The skirt on the last picture is for example for a slink body, but i could use it on Nic's Maitreya body. Many gifts have mostly a color change hud. Nic is wearing the same jewelry from the post before this one, but i used another hud for the color.
At the L2 Studio sim i created an outdoor beach cafe with a bar from Jian and neon signs from Mesh India ( the coctails) and a sign from Surfcrazy ( life is a beach). Near the door an autumn wreath from CJ creations, a gift ( just 6 land impact). Nic's coctail is a gift from ChicChica at The Arcade.

Nic is wearing:
Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry August Luxe box
Top on first pictures:- Safira - - - Safira - Mindy Top GIFT (free)
Top on last picture: - Safira -  - - Safira - Cala Top GIFT (free)
Shoes: Venus shoes - Venus shoes GIFT MONICA (free)
Magic eye necklace: !IT! at Twe12ve - !IT! - TWE12VE Sept Anniversary round (NEW/12th - 30th of September 2017)
Farah bracelet: !IT! at the Avenue - !IT! - The Avenue Sept excl (NEW/1st - 25th of September 2017)
Skirt last picture: Safira - - - Lightning - Alana Dress FATPACK (free)
Necklace last picture: Safira - - Lightning - Fayna Necklace - GROUP GIFT (free)
Hair - Exile - Exile On the go
Coctail drink: ChicChica at The Arcade - Gift ChicChica - Special Gift (free)
From inventory: Hair base - Unorthodox, Skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Wreath: CJ - CJ Gift Autumn Wreath
Neon Signs:  - Mesh India- MI Neon Sign Decor gacha (gacha)
Life is a beach sign: Surfcrazy - Life is a beach sign (19ld)

What you also see: home - L2 Studio;  leaning  oars - floorplan; kiwi milkshake giver - HeadHunter's Island; buoy basket- floorplan; bar +chairs - Jian ( free); spider plants - CR(CubeRepublic); beach welcome sign - Studio Skye; chair last picture - Vespertine
Pictures made at: L2 Studio 
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

now you may speak

click small picture to enlarge

Now you may speak ..she finished her coffee.
Warm colors for Nic today. Those warm colors will be the colors of the autumn in rl, but Nic is still dressed for some sunny days. The set is a combination of a top from Foxes from the August Luxe Box and a skirt from Petri Model at marketplace. You can join the Luxe Box group between September 1 - 14th to get the September Luxe Box. The skirt you can buy for 20ld. It has a hud with 20 colors.
Nic is wearing hair from DeLa, one of my favorite hair shops.
It's worthwhile to go to the Arcade now. You can enter easy now and you can gather some birthday presents in the middle of the shop on a huge cake. On the pictures you can see several presents. See the credits below. From Ariskea are the moss frames above the bed, a new groupgift.
Necklace and bracelet are from !IT! Available at two different events.

Taxi to the Arcade:  here
Top: Foxes - Foxes - Luxebox August - Ruffle Top
Skirt: :::Petri Model::: -  TATTOOED- skirt (20ld/ with 20 colors hud)
Hair: =DeLa*= - DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Tashanna" Blondes
Shoes:[Breathe]  at the Arcade - [BREATHE]-Kimi Heels-BLACK-GIFT (free)
Magic eye necklace: !IT! at Twe12ve - !IT! - TWE12VE Sept Anniversary round (NEW/12th - 30th of September 2017)
Farah bracelet: !IT! at the Avenue - !IT! - The Avenue Sept excl (NEW/1st - 25th of September 2017)
From inventory:Body - maitreya; head - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone)

Moss frames: Ariskea - Ariskea [September Moss frames ( free/ group join fee 75ld)

Coffee mug - Sway's at the Arcade - Sway's [shhh...] Coffee Mug - GIFT (free)
Sunflowers: Ariskea at the Arcade - Ariskea [Arcade Gift] Sunflower (free)
Birthday cards: R(S)W at the Arcade - R(S)W - Arcade Birthday Cards (free)
Tote: nani at the Arcade - nani // babe tote // gift <3(free)
Lamp: [RI] at the Arcade - [RI] Cutie Lamps - Arcade Birthday Gift (free)
Hammie with bell: MishMish at the Arcade - MishMish - Hammies & Coffee / Who is there? GIFT(free)
Bear planter: KITE at the Arcade - KITE - Bear Planter - Arcade Birthday Gift Sept 2017(free)
Book: Plastik at the Arcade - Plastik - October Spellbook (Gift!)(free)
Doll: Garbaggio  at the Arcade - Garbaggio - Archibald Gachum Doll(free)
From inventory: Sweet October cushions - Silvery K; bed - Soy. Home - L2 Studio; red blind - Sway's; reed screen - Soy. ; cabinet in corner - Junk; wall lamp - Hideki; snake plant - {what next}; small tables - Hakei and Zigana;  magazines on ground and bed- Soy.
Pictures made at: L2 Studio 
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

it's over now

It's over ..i mean the beach season for tjip. But also tjip's non Bento life. From a casual avatar he is evolved into a brand new Bento tjip. I knew the time had to come for him too to get his Bento body. He already got the Adam head for free some time ago. The update from that head is a Bento head. Happy me... because then i could try make a bit the old familiar tjip. Bento heads are changeable guys ( info for those guys who don't know this). So if you ever got the Adam head and did put that one aside because it that head didn't have your style, dig the Adam head up in your inventory ...get the update and then go try to make him like you want. Important for the girls that not all males are the same!

You more and more need a bento shape because many designers don't make casual clothes with alpha's anymore. When you have a Bento or mesh body the alpha's are in the hud. I wanted for tjip a male body that is often used for male clothes. You can choose then for example the Slink, TMP or Signature body. I love this body Gianni from tjip from Signature. The hud is for the alpha's very detailed. That means that you can use the alpha very precizely under the clothes. It doesn't matter what model the clothes have. I am astonished because Nic's female body hud is lesser detailed. It seems to me that the appearance is for guys more important today.
Included with the body are also Bento hands and feet. Easy! Hand animations are in the hud. I also bought body hairs from Signature for tjip.
One of the skins from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, that i got at the Harvest days, i used for the head. It is a skin with omega appliers.To apply  the skin you need to have the Omega Kit for Adam ( 99ld). With the Kit you can apply all Omega skins on the head. 
The skin from the body is in the hud from Signature. I changed it with the color hud a bit to match with the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins. You can give the body gloss with the hud. Nice for showing how hot it was on the beach or how hot your night was.
When it's all too difficult for you as beginner in Bento/mesh land, just write me and i will help you.

From Laura i got the super tip about the jacket, a gift at Aitui. Also the necklace is a gift there (an older gift). The jacket is made for Slink, TMP and Signature bodies. Not for casual avatars. So i am right in time with tjip's make-over.  The jeans is from paul polo. Comes with a huge hud to change the color. Comes with and without a belt.

Tjip is wearing:
Jacket: Aitui - AITUI - Late Night Coat - Coffee (free)
Necklace: Aitui - AITUI - Ammunition Necklace (free)
Jeans: (paul polo) - (paul polo) STREET JEANS VOL.1With a huge hud (99ld)
Body: [Signature] - [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body - v3.5
Body hair: [Signature] Gianni - BodyHair01 (BLACK/ but alos tintable) - v1.2
For the skin on Adam head: Omega System Kit - Adam (99ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - JUDAS fathers day CARAMEL ( old gift harvest days)
Head: *!*Adam - *!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.4+BENTO box
Hair: Mina - MINA - Harry - Black

On the beach: bloody surfboard - Le Poppycock; surfboard - Come Soon Poses; dogs - AMU ( marketplace); driftwood - Studio Skye; pipe - Cellar Door; sunglasses - (paul polo)
Pictures made at The Trace Too
Bye bye, Nic

she's walking on sunshine

Wow! Another sweet dress from marketplace. Now one with a good hud just for 20ld. I took the sunny colors to go with the new shoes from Nic from Mosquito's Way, a new groupgift. Love this wild september groupgift hair from Truth, with braid and styling hud. Truth Hawkes is so creative. He spoils us so much... and comes with unexpected hairstyles....gorgeous. I found this necklace ( lucky seven) at the Designers Drive near the Taketomi shop in a shop named Seven Luxury Jewelry. Below a picture from the vendor. It's an old gift but for me new.

Dress: ::Petry Model:: - Tattooed dress DRESS_V48 (20ld)
Shoes: Mosquito's Way - *Mosquito's Way - Nerida *Group Gift* (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP - September / Athena (free but group join fee)
Necklace: Seven - 7;]  Lucky Seven Necklace - Wear Me ! (free)
Coffee: Astralia - Astralia Witch Latte Gift ( free)
Skin: Wow Skins - TAN.::WoW Skins::. Angel Skin and omega ( free/ but group join fee)

From inventory: Pose and donut box- Label Motion ; body - Maitreya; Head - LeLutka
Pictures made at: Burley Hills 
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, September 11, 2017

summer memories


Back home and busy with her summer memories. She collected shells, a piece of driftwood, stones and a map etc. All she can put in this new memory coffee table and keep the memories alive. You can get the table at Knot&co. Comes in empty and filled version.

I am back home and it's 10 degrees lower in temperature then in Italy.. and it is raining cats and dogs. Autumn realy has made a start in Holland. But a bit shopping in sl and making pictures again is also a nice way to spend my last vacation days in rl. Ofcourse i am far behind as regards to what has been released the last 6 days in sl and i missed a Midnight Mania Madness last saturday. I hope however that my first blog post has something to offer to you. Nic is wearing a dress from marketplace from DK. Comes with a hud with 4 sorts of possibilities and a hud to recolor all. The hair i shopped at Stealthic. It is hair with an styling hud. It has braids going to the backside of the hair. It's also a good one in combination with role-play outfits. N-core releases every time a new color of the groupgift shoes. I show you the silver ones. The earrings with cats are a groupgift from [Since 1975]. The skin is the september groupgift from Wow skins.

Skin: Wow Skins - TAN.::WoW Skins::. Angel Skin and omega ( free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Cadence (Blondes)
Shoes: N-core - N-core CIARA "Strappy Edition" (Silver) GROUP GIFT(free/ but group join fee)
Dress: DK:: - DK:: Casual Dress 4 models 60 colors Maitreya Slink Belleza eBo (10ld)
Earrings: [Since1975]-[Since1975]-September Gift (free)
From inventory: head- LeLutka, body- Maitreya; freckles - LeLutka head hud

Table: Knot&co. - Knot&co. Summer Memory Coffee Table (free)
Behind Nic: Chairs- Concept Furniture; Driftwood lamp- 8f8

Pictures made at: the Trace Too
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 3, 2017

ready for take-off

A quick post, because...yeahhhh .... tomorrow i go for six days to Italy. So that is why Nic is dressed for a flight. Six days no blog posts. I will miss it. But being in Italy is super. Hope to see you back as a loyal follower of this blog.

Nic is wearing clothes for sunny days. It's a free dress from :::KC:::. In the heli Nic is dressed in a glamour dress for a hot evening. The dress is from the same shop, also a gift.
The jacket on the first pictures is a release from ISON at Collabor88.
The fish bone necklace at the last picture is from CentoPallini, a gift.

Jacket: ISON at C88- ISON - plastic bomber jacket (clear)(NEW)
Flower dress: :::KC::: - :::KC::: Rosse Dress // GIFT MBF (free)
Glamour dress: :::KC::: - :::KC::: MissGlamour Dress (free)
Necklace: CentoPallini -*CentoPallini* FISH BONE /White (free)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s; body - Maitreya; head- LeLutka; skin- Dulce Secrets; hair - Exile; open bag - tres blah (gacha); dark brown bag - Bazar. Red suitcase - MCB Corporation; sunglasses - BSD Design
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, September 2, 2017

black winged angels

click small pictures to enlarge

The beautiful outfit from Kib Designs will be a release at the Darkness Event. Start 5th Sept. It is an unisex outfit. In the womens folder are the dress ( a long gown), the headpiece and the wings. The gown has a color menu with 9 possibilities.
The neckpiece and the gloves are from Silvery K. The hair is from no.match.
Today no free items, sorry.

Outfit: Kib Designs- KiB Designs - Dark Angel Outfits - UNISEX @The Darkness Event (NEW)
Baby: *[Black Bantam] -*[Black Bantam] Miracle Angel Baby Wings Boy 04
Hair: no.match - no.match- no.sleep ( black/blue hair was a gift at On9 some time ago)
Skin: Dulce Secrets at the Makeover Room  ::DS:: Jade Cardamom Skin
From inventory: Neck corset and gloves: *:..Silvery K..:*
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; lipstick- Lakshmi (old On9 gift)
Pictures taken at: St John Woods
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, September 1, 2017

scent of salt and tar


Oh that smell of salt and tar. The cries of seagulls. A soft breeze through her hair. Pure enjoyment.

Nic is wearing a dress from Jana& Littles SL World, a new release in the shop. I took this soft denim color for the pictures near the water. Two lace options and more colors are in the hud. The splits in the dress make the dress sexy. The dress has a nice collar.
The jeans dress at the third picture is a gift at Cremosas Store. Love the bright color.
The hair i bought today at Exile. Nic is wearing her jeans jacket over her shoulder. Showed this jacket from M.Birdie some time ago. The necklace is from Marquesse from the pearls body lingerie set, a release at Fashion Dazzle. Nic is wearing the set sitting under the mast on the boat on the picture below. The set comes with a hud to change the parts of the set. All in red or grey.

Hair: Exile - Exile - Reveling In You - Blondes
Dress: Jana & Littles SL World - -JL- Bella Dress (HUD)
Blue Nails : DaneMarkZ - Danemarkz group gift februari 2017 ( free/ group join 50ld)
Body: Marquesse at Fashion Dazzle - [Marquesse] Pearls Body (NEW)
Jeans dress third picture: Cremosas Store - .:: Cremosas Store ::. Dress Jeans #GIFT (free)
From inventory: Skin - Dulce Secrets, eye-make up - LAQ; body - maitreya; head - LeLutka ( bento/Simone); shoes - REIGN ( old Luxe Box item); jacket on shoulder- M.Birdie
Pictures taken at Neva River
Bye bye, Nic