Saturday, October 20, 2012

love to see him in this

Love tjip in these clothings. First picture he is still wearing the AdN coat. New is the blue checkered shirt. This weeks groupgift from Style Extrem.Join the group and click on this shirt in the reck.
The belt on the first picture is from a hunt at Connors. You  need find little pigs. 3 pigs for men 3 pigs for women.
And why i love to see him like this? The coat is cool, the shirt is bright and colorful, the jeans and boots are super...and  he wears the hair that fits him the best in my opinion. Cool casual look.

Oh and hurry for at 22 october the gift changes.

Coat: AdN -[AdN] THE CRUSHER (99ld)
Belt: Connors -*Connors* Halloween Gift Mesh LEATHER BELT  for Men ( free)
Shirt: Style Extrem - [DW] - Summer Blue Shirt ( free)
From inventory: Boots and Jeans - Gabriël

I went back to Connors to make the link to the shop and then discovered a freebie corner with shirts for men. May be well-known  but new for me.
Aloha shirts and Vneck shirts .. go here.

Bye bye, Nic

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