Sunday, October 14, 2012


Lost on an uninhabited island. Nic made a fire to warn ships. Hoping someone will rescue her. In the meantime showing you her new bag, groupgift from Bliss Couture at the moment. Two colors you get: camel and choco. And i love Nic studded flat boots. Spent a lot of time on machines in sl to earn them. The mesh leapord top is a groupgift at Ydea. Also a short pants is included ( not-mesh) in the package.  And the necklace is a gift at Virtual Impressions.  You will find it near the stairs.

Necklace: Virtual Impressions - Free Gift from Virtual Impressions ( free)
Shirt: Ydea - *Ydea* Shaori( free)
Boots: Meli Imako - MI86738 Mesh Ladies Flat Ankle Boots - Fashion Kit
Bag: Bliss Couture - *Bliss Couture* Free Leather Satchel Bags GiftBag  (free)
From inventory: Hair - Dura -Girl 40 (Irish  Coffe)

Bye bye,Nic

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