Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Branagh's barn

Nic between the horses in the barn. The sims name is the weald. I think i told you before that you can get the best sl horses here. Very realistic. You can wear the demo hore ( only the sporthorse) tp somewhere and have a nice drive. When you stop wearing the horse you can't use the demo anymore. Need go back to take anothere one.
Nic shows her long brown boots and the brown jacket ( must confess it is a jacket for men but i changed Nic's body to fit it). It are groupgifts from Amour Fashions and Rispetto Designs. Group join 50ld. Nic wears her new hair from Catwa with a pony tail. In the post before this one i told about the scarf. So scroll down to get the info

Boots: Amour Fashions - Amour Signature - Reese MESH Slouch Boots - Group gift ( free, but group join 50ld)
Jacket: Rispetto Designs - Rispetto Designs - Moda II MESH Jacket - GROUP GIFT II ( free)
Scarf - [VG] - Ultimate Scarf Pack (20 Scarves) ( 10ld)
Hair: Catwa - Jaffa
From inventory: jeans - Aoharu

And i couldn't resist to add 2 of the 3 hairs that you can get now as a groupgift at Exile. 3 fatpacks you get when you click the subscribe-o-matic.
The third one i will show you later  because it isn't a style for a barn.

Hair: Exile - Exile: Betty Lou Group Gift-All Colors
Hair: Exile - Exile: Violetta Group Gift-All Colors

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