Monday, October 8, 2012

high quality shirts

The new shirts from Chronokit are so gorgeous, that i decided to make another post with them. Now for the guys. And for this case Nic took a new skin from marketplace  with a cool thin beard. Isn't this a super guy?  From the lucky boards Nic once became the hair from Salon the glow. For the black and white look a good combination. The brown hair is from Uw.St. It is the old groupgift that was still in my inventory. The pants are the military sarrouel pants from Chronokit. Nic showed them before in leopard for women.Boots from the TAE hunt from Needful Things ( also showed them before but yeah you can't have new boots every day huh?)

Skin: Pelle Factory -  Pelle -ETHAN SKIN PIZZETTO 1 Limited time gift ( 1ld)
Shirts: Chronokit - *chronokit* Shirts 04 Striped Black and Sky (NEW!)
Pants: Chronokit - *chronokit*  Military Sarrouel Pants Black
Black boots: Useful Things - TAE #34 Useful Things male ( free)
Hair: Salon the Glow- SALON de GLOW hairpieces M-02 ( free/ lucky board)
Brown hair: Uw.St. - Uw St. Reed ( old groupgift  but there is a new groupgift)

Ok ok here  Nic shows the groupgift from UW.St from 2012 ( i recolored it a bit. It has 2 colors , i made 1 color of it) and a plain chronokit shirt.
Don't know why but this shirt on the last picture makes me think of the shirts that men weared in
Indonesia in the colonial period, called jas tutup. And Nic's face with the hair on the last picture could be from an Indonesian man in my opinion.

Bye bye guys, Nic

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