Friday, October 19, 2012

dark autumn day

Dark autumn day with much nice stuff to show you.
Lets start with the hair from Nic. I love this hair so much. You have to hurry to get it for a lower prize than normal.(70ld) It is fom this weeks round at Acid Lily Gallery. ( from 15 october- 21 october) After that it has the normal prize in the shop. Also a blond version there and you can get a blond pink version in the shop as a groupgift. This hair is girlish and stylish in my opinion.
Then about the jewelry. It is the new groupgift at WTG. Group join is not free. But i am happy i stepped in. Never regretted that i joined. Tosy Xue makes wonderfull jewelry. Every month you get something special. Now there also is a unisex groupgift! (brown/orange mesh pants with black  bats)
About the tank top from Nic. I love clothings from X*plosion. Showed already much from that shop last times. This is a relatively new one. Many colors and textures. Hard to decided for me which one i wanted. Wanted them all!
Next info is about the clothings from tjip. Dancer gave me the tip to go to the Midnight Mania  board at ADN, because of the warm coat for tjip. The MM for men is lesser well-know we thought. So it is good to inform you about it. Every day there is a new outfit. So when you want be different every day.. go there ))) good way to fill your cupboard.Tjip also got the green sweater with the jeans. Both sets come with the boots and the necklace and the finger tapes. The warm coat is new and available for 99ld. So when it is not in the MM then you can buy it for this affordable prize. The entrance of the male part of the shop is to the right. There also is a two good dollarbies near the MM board.

Hair: Hinako at Acid Lily Gallery - ::Hinako Hair ::  Farica-A+ Black ( 70ld)
Jewelery and nails: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ October Group Gift 2012 (female) (free/ group join fee)
Tank top Nic: X*plosion - *X*plosion T-Tank Mesh Top (Brown)(NEW!)

On tjip:
Coat outfit: AdN - [AdN] THE CRUSHER (MM item free or 99ld New!)
Sweater outfit: AdN - [AdN] HASARD (Green version)(MM item, free)

Bye bye, Nic

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