Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nitroglobus Gallery

Some information about culture in this post. Tjip and Nic went to the Nitroglobus Gallery to see the exibition 'Moments in time' with pictures from Nitro Fireguard, Dido Haas, in.inaka, Gitu Aura. Realy cool works. Already loved the photo works of Dido on her blog, but seeing it hanging on the walls it is impressive. And the other works too.
At the landings point you can get this loose top that tjip wears. Also a female loose top is there, as well as an halloween hat.
Some information about nature now.. you have to go to the Water Reserve sim, where the pictures are made. It is beautiful there. Walk around and enjoy it.

Loose tank top:Nitroglobus  Black Nitroglobus male tank-noir
Black shirt: SG - SG - -SG- Dendi Shirt
Hair: Heavens Gate - [HG] Bignner Set (Mens) *Vajra* hair type01 brown ( free)
From inventory: Pants - Gabriël; Espadrilles - Balkanik ( free)


Dido Haas said...

Wow thx soo much Nic for blogging Nitro his halloweenish mesh top ^^
dikke kus

Nicandra Laval said...

and also about the gallery and you Dido..dikke kus terug

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